Friday, November 16, 2018
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Angola battling to revive oil exploration

Nearly two decades after securing initial rights, Total CEO Patrick Pouyanné was in Luanda to snip the ribbon on a $16 billion oil project. It’s not clear when he, or his peers, will be cracking open the bubbly in Angola again.

Nigerian oil corporation probe

Nigeria Oil Corp probeA probe by the Nigerian Senate into whether state oil firm NNPC improperly withdrew money expanded with the amount under investigation doubling to over $2.2 billion, a committee said.

Danakali, other miners, welcome Eritrean sanctions lifting

Mining in EritreaDanakali and other miners said a UN decision to lift sanctions on Eritrea should enhance international trade opportunities and give an economic boost, although widespread wariness about investing in mining was likely to linger.

Fifth Dimension Technologies partnering with the army and air force

Fifth Dimension Technologies simulatorsTwenty-five years ago virtual reality was the new kid on the block with its only problem the technology to support it wasn’t there.

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