Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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Editor Engelbrecht Archive

Archive: Building a new SANDF soldier by sailor by airman

The central thesis is that the SA National Defence Force will have to solve its staff problems before it can begin to address its funding and operational shortfalls. HR2010 argues that unless drastic changes are made to personnel administration, staff costs will continue to gobble up over half the military's annual budget. The SANDF will continue on a downward spiral, less and less able to deploy peacekeepers – or anyone else – in support of President Thabo Mbeki's ambitions for Africa.

Archive: February 2004 address to ENSP

Seldom in the conduct of human affairs have two groups been more predisposed to misunderstand each other than the military and journalists. US Civil War general William Tecumseh Sherman thought of us as worse than spies and on one occasion gave journalists in his camp a 30 minute head-start, threatening to have any found within his camp afterwards shot.

Archive: Hocus Pocus with TOE

Much intellectual capital has been expended on divining the perfect organigram and equipment fit of units, battalion/regiment and below. Most proponents go into great detail on tables of organisation and equipment (TOE). Their arguments for and against various points, while often interesting, seldom contain any principles or other yardsticks against which their veracity can be measured -- or that would assist those tasked with drafting real TOE.

Archive: Army underfunded

The Army is so under-funded that it no longer fields a combat-ready parachute capability. This has emerged from a recent briefing to Parliament. The briefing, by senior departmental officials, took place on June 4 but drew no attention at the time.

Archive: SA's third democratic election comes and goes, no policy changes expected

South Africa's third democratic, nonracial election since 1994 has come and gone, leaving in its wake little but speculation on who will come and who will go in President-elect Thabo Mbeki's office. Mbeki was returned with an overwhelming 70 percent majority by the 75 percent of the 21-million registered voters (out of a population of 45-million) who went to the polls on April 14. Mbeki is being sworn in for his second (and last) term tomorrow (Tuesday).

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