Tuesday, June 19, 2018
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Editor Engelbrecht Archive

Archive: Navy setting up rapid deployment force for peacekeeping

The Navy plans to better contribute to peacekeeping in Africa by setting up a naval rapid deployment force (NRDF), Vice Admiral Refiloe Mudimu said in Durban on Monday.

Archive: IMPI: Extract from the IISS Military Balance 2002

"In a further development, military commentators in South Africa have discussed the creation of an Indigenous Military Peacebuilding Initiative (IMPI)..."

Archive: NATO underlines IMPI idea

If recent events in the Ivory Coast did not sufficiently highlight the urgent need to implement a programme akin to the Indigenous Military Peace-building Initiative (IMPI) previously proposed in this Journal, a speech by NATO secretary general Lord George Robertson of Port Ellen certainly did.

Archive: Is SA defenceless against air attack?

The arrival of the third and fourth Saab JAS39 Gripen D aircraft in SA follows a series of reports in the mass media that the premature retirement of the Cheetah fighter due to budget cuts had left SA defenceless against air attack.


Archive: Arms acquisition: A paper

Arms acquisition is, was and will always be unpopular with the public.

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