Saturday, March 17, 2018
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Archive: Donor pressure causes dishonesty

Donor pressure for budget reform in Africa was often met with official dishonesty, case studies in eight countries have found.

Archive: Navy was catalyst in defence oversight revolution

The SA Navy was the unwitting catalyst that triggered South Africa's defence oversight revolution when it went to Parliament in 1995 to ask for new frigates.

Archive: Ethiopian defence spending irrational

 Ethiopia's defence spending was irrational, a first-of-its-kind study on defence budgets in Africa has found.

Archive: Offbeat - Travel in Ethiopia

On the way from the airport, our taxi had no headlights, one functioning windscreen wiper to rearrange the water from a torrential downpour, rather than sweep it away, and no suspension.

Archive: Women making rapid progress in Navy

Women are making rapid progress in the SA Navy, Vice-Admiral Refiloe Mudimu said on Monday.

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