Monday, June 18, 2018
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Archive: SA unveils Rogue CIWS

RDL Technologies is a step closer to unleashing its "Rogue" close-in weapons system (CIWS) on the world market, after a series of successful tests and demonstrations using a 12,7mm machine gun.

Archive: Army fashioning a future vision

November 2005

The Army is fashioning a vision for the next 15 years and its chief has asked the public to contribute. Lt General Solly Shoke was speaking at the De Brug training area just after an airborne exercise last week.

Archive: Kenya copying SA defence reforms

Kenya is copying and customising South African defence reforms, policy and planning to suit its own circumstances in a bid to stamp out corruption.

Archive: Defence oversight still weak in Mozambique

Defence oversight is still weak in Mozambique, a study on military budgets in Africa has found.

Archive: Defence spending not unique

Africa has to stop treating military budgets as unique, a conference on the matter heard at the weekend.    Armed forces in Africa often cited strategic reasons or secrecy as justification for not following generally accepted rules of public expenditure management (PEM).

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