Monday, March 19, 2018
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Archive: Uniform reform

The camouflage uniform has not been an unqualified success. While they certainly let the wearer "feel" more soldierly and therefore contribute to morale, they generally do not obscure the shape, shadow, silhouette, etc. or movement of the wearer any more than a monochrome uniform.

Archive: SANDF in large scale spring-cleaning

Looking for previously owned arms? Armscor may have a bargain for you! The South African Department of Defence's (DOD) acquisitions (and disposals) agency is currently assisting the SA National Defence Force in selling excess or redundant stock.

Archive: Serving at whose convenience?

   Has our Constitution, billed as among the most progressive in the world, become a license to leisure for some in the SANDF? Has it given officers and other ranks a right to defend the country at their convenience?

Archive: How long is a piece of string?

The minutes of the Portfolio Committee on Defence (PCOD) and the Joint Standing Committee on Defence (JSCD) -- available to the public at www.pmg.org.za -- often make depressing reading. Army chief Lt Gen Gilbert Ramano's briefing to the JSCD on March 4 [2003] regarding transformation and integration in the SA Army was no exception.  

Archive: The infantry

Although up to one in three members of the SA National Defence Force belong to the South African Infantry Corps (SAIC), not much is known outside the military about this organisation.


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