Thursday, January 17, 2019
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Archive: Whither the Defence Industry?

The state of the “defence-related” industry is terrible and it’s getting worse. The question of whether there will still be a defence industry in five years’ time at the current tempo can be answered in the negative. It is an industry steeped in incompetence and Denel. While everybody pretends otherwise the industry is collapsing.

Archive: Doing the “Petronius Arbiter”

The SA National Defence force is currently in the midst of yet another re-organisation and yet the talk is about deployments at strategic distances into the heart of Africa -- and not about ensuring proper logistic lines to make this possible.


Archive:Africa: The last great untapped defence market

Africa is the last great untapped defence market. By the end of this decade Africa plans to have a multi-brigade United Nations-style force ready to police the continent's trouble spot.

Archive: Military Engineers -- Masters of Mobility

The military engineer is arguably the most under-rated individual on the battlefield. Yet military engineers have been leaders in innovation in the face of the enemy for centuries. Any number of specialist corps originated within the engineers and at least one life-saving trade as well -- firefighters. The artillery, the signals corps, among others, owe their existence to the intrepidity of the engineers -- those who built and operated the "engines" or siege machines. (The world’s air forces are similarly the scions of the signalers.

Archive: SANDF at 10: An assessment

The SA National Defence Force is fast approaching the tenth anniversary of its founding on April 27, 1994. Although ten-year reviews are now something of a cottage industry, the moment is ripe for reflection and sober assessment.

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