Sunday, October 21, 2018
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Book Reviews

Book Review: Zambezi Valley Insurgency

Zambezi Valley Insurgency is Dr JRT Wood’s latest look at the Rhodesian Bush War, this time focussing on the period April 1966 to April 1970, a period during which insurgency by was largely confined to the Zambezi River valley.

Book Review: Bush War

Nearly all accounts of the Battle of Cuito Cuanavale, in English, to date, are one-sided South African accounts. Shubin and Tokarev’s Bush War – The road to Cuito Cuanavale – Soviet soldiers’ accounts of the Angolan war is still one-sided but provides a Soviet view through the diaries and memories of a small group of advisors assigned to the Angolan Armed Forces (FAPLA) over the period 1986-1988. Most were interpreters, placing them in an unique position to understand and follow events, literally at the other end of the G5 muzzle.

Book review: Operation Dingo

Co-issued with a British publisher, “Operation Dingo” is the first of the “Africa@War” series of which four titles have now been released: three relate to operations – “Operation Dingo”, “France in Centrafrique”, and “Battle for Cassinga”; and, one focussing on a high-profile unit, the “Selous Scouts”.

Book review: France in Centrafrique

“France in Centrafrique” is the second in a new series on African conflict, “Africa@War”, and concentrates on French misadventures in the Central African Republic (CAR).

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