Sunday, October 21, 2018
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Book Reviews

Mad dog killers

Author Ivan Smith served with Lt Colonel “Mad Mike” Hoare’s 5th Commando, technically part of the Armee Nationale Congolaise (ANC), the military of the Democratic Republic of Congo.  

Striking inside Angola with 32 Battalion

A dry but rich account of time spent with the famous 32 Battalion. Marius Scheepers was a national service signals officer (9C) with the unit from late 1982 to late 1983. This placed the young officer in a unique position, alongside the commander to know what was going on and where. As 9C he was also required to keep records and report. Here he puts this knowledge to good use.  

BOOK REVIEW: Assegais, Drums and Dragoons

Well-known military writer Willem Steenkamp’s latest book, Assegais, Drums and Dragoons, A Military and Social History of the Cape 1510-1806 is a must-read for all those interested not only in “what” happened in South Africa’s military history, but also “why”.

The IF Man

Author Chris Ash asserts Victorian poet Rudyard Kipling wrote his signature poem, If, with Leander Starr Jameson, a man who feared nothing but boredom, in mind. Having read his biography of the man I am inclined to agree.

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