Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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Book Reviews

Book review: After the Party

The African National Congress’ (ANC) handling of the so-called 1999 “arms scandal” was an important moment in the history of the democratic South Africa, if disgruntled ANC MP Andrew Feinstein is to be believed – and there is little reason to doubt him, if only because neither he nor publisher Jonathan Ball have been slapped with a defamation writ.     

Book review: The Kevin Woods Story

Kevin Woods is lucky to be alive. Somewhere in the 1980s he made a crucial mistake – to work for Colonel Joe Verster, at the time head of Project Barnacle, a South African Military Intelligence operation. Woods decided to work for the shady Civil Cooperation Bureau for moral reasons – “predominantly based on my conviction that the ANC’s policy of taking the war to the civilian population in South Africa was indefensible.”    

Book review: Kenya Cowboy

The Kenyan “Emergency” of the 1950s was one of a number of nasty insurgencies and counterinsurgencies the British faced in the wake of World War Two.   Britain faced a number of insurgencies at the time, principally in Malaya, Cyprus; in addition to the last phase of the Korean War and the Suez intervention of 1956: Quite a handful for a bankrupt United Kingdom.

Book review: Delta Scout

Counterinsurgency is largely about intelligence –keeping a finger on the pulse of a community, setting up and maintaining informer networks, making sense of scraps of information and acting on them.   Delta Scout is the story Anthony Trethowan, a British South Africa Police (BSAP) Ground Coverage (GC) operator.  

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