Thursday, January 18, 2018
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Diplomacy & Peace

US military explains Somalia presence

Somali soldiers graduate from a US military training programme.The U.S. response to the challenges in Somalia has been to work with the Federal Government and the Federal Member state administrations, in coordination with the African Union, the United Nations, and other partners working toward a common goal: to support Somali-led efforts to stabilize and rebuild their country along democratic and federal lines, the US military says.


ISS: Many new plans in Macron’s no-Africa policy

Emmanuel Macron.When French President Emmanuel Macron was elected earlier this year he became the youngest-ever French head of state at the age of 39. He didn’t hail from any established political party and was seen as bringing a whole new approach to politics in Europe.


UN chief wants universal ratification of ICC founding treaty

UN secretary general on ICCUnited Nations Secretary-General António Guterres this week stressed the importance of all states ratifying the treaty establishing the International Criminal Court (ICC) as the central institution of the global criminal justice system, known as the Rome Statute.

CAR peacekeeper killed

CAR peacekeeper killedChristian militiamen killed a Mauritanian UN peacekeeper in an attack on a camp for displaced people in a Central African Republic diamond-mining town the United Nations mission said.

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