Tuesday, March 20, 2018
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Diplomacy & Peace

SA against nuclear weapons

A nuclear blast.South Africa has called on the international community to make a reinvigorated push to rid the world of nuclear weapons as they pose catastrophic risks.


ISS: Morocco prepares to make its mark on security in Africa

The Moroccan flag.Expect a power play as Morocco joins the Peace and Security Council shortly after returning to the AU.


Veteran commander vies for power in Libya's shifting sands

Khalifa Haftar.When Khalifa Haftar flew to Tunis in September, the veteran commander and possible future leader of Libya brought masked troops armed with automatic rifles and grenade launchers in a show of force that drew censure from U.N. experts.

New U.S. sanctions aim to block Libyan oil smuggling

A Libyan oil refinery.The United States has issued a new round of sanctions targeting oil smugglers in Libya aimed at blocking exploitation of natural resources that is driving instability, the U.S. Treasury Department said on Monday.


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