Monday, December 10, 2018
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Diplomacy & Peace

Libyan trip a success: Zuma

President Jacob Zuma has returned from his visit to Libya and Mauritania, undertaken as part of the African Union ad-hoc High Level Committee on Libya aimed at working towards a peaceful solution to the Libyan crisis and labelled the trip “a huge success” on his return this morning.

Stratfor: France takes on two wars

The French military took the lead in two ongoing regime-change operations on the African continent on Monday. First, France -- supported by the British and other NATO allies -- is set to take over from the United States the bulk of airstrike missions in Libya, according to NATO officials.

French strikes hit Gbagbo forces in Ivory Coast

French forces hit military vehicles belonging to troops loyal to Ivory Coast's Laurent Gbagbo earlier today during a helicopter-borne mission that rescued Japan's ambassador to the West African country.

Negotiations on Gbagbo departure have failed - France

altNegotiations led by the United Nations and France aimed at securing the departure of Ivory Coast's Laurent Gbagbo have failed, French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe said today.

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