Wednesday, March 21, 2018
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Diplomacy & Peace

Sudan criticises Darfur peacekeeper reports on army

Sudan has summoned UN/African Union peacekeepers to its foreign ministry and ordered them to stop making statements about army movements in the western Darfur region, an official says.


Heads of Security Council counter-terrorism bodies stress need for stocktaking

An important part of the work of the Security Council’s counter-terrorism committees is stocktaking and reviewing efforts so as to ensure the effectiveness of United Nations sanctions regimes, the heads of three subsidiary bodies says.


Nigeria militants attack pipelines to Chevron

Nigeria's main militant group says it has attacked major oil pipelines in the Niger Delta in order to prevent five flow stations feeding a facility operated by US firm Chevron from functioning.


UN forces can start Liberia withdrawal in 4 years

United Nations forces can begin withdrawing from Liberia in about four years time having bolstered the country after a ruinous civil war, Liberia's President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf said last week.

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