Saturday, October 25, 2014
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Diplomacy & Peace

ISS: Increasing the momentum for police in African-led peacekeeping operations

African Union peacekeepers.African-led peace support operations (PSOs) are increasingly deployed to missions in high-risk environments, which often require combat activities.

Chinese peacekeepers expected in South Sudan at start of 2015

Chinese peacekeepers.Some 700 Chinese peacekeepers are expected to join a United Nations mission in South Sudan at the start of next year, the head of the U.N. operation said on Wednesday, though she appealed for Beijing to deploy the battalion "sooner rather than later."

ISS: The roots of radicalism should inform government's response to terror

Somali rebels.Until now, there has been very little research into why young Kenyan and Somali men join al-Shabaab and the Mombasa Republican Council (MRC). This has led to limited understanding among government and Kenyan society of the roots of radicalisation and terrorism. But to deal with terrorism you have to know where it comes from.

U.S., four European countries call for end to violence in Libya

An air strike in Libya.The United States and four European countries jointly called on Saturday for an end to violence in Libya.

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