Sunday, April 20, 2014
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Diplomacy & Peace

Ramaphosa leads diplomacy effort in South Sudan

SA special envoy finishes second South Sudan visitThe diplomatic side of South Africa’s foreign policy this saw week Cyril Ramaphosa, the country’s special envoy complete his second visit to the north-eastern African country in attempts to resolve ongoing conflict there.

First Dutch troops head for Mali

In addition to troops, the Netherlands is deploying Apaches to Mali.More than 70 soldiers left Schipol airport for Mali on Monday where they will form part of the main body of the stabilization mission of the United Nations (UN) there.

ISS: What does ensuring SADC's maritime security mean for South Africa?

A South African Navy strike craft.South Africans shudder when they hear about arms deals. The ill-fated Seriti commission of inquiry, instituted by President Jacob Zuma in 2011, is doing little to placate their fears. In general, there is suspicion that military acquisitions will serve to ensure kickbacks to politicians, as was alleged to have happened in the controversial post-1994 multi-billion-dollar arms deal.

UN should halt arms shipments via Ivory Coast after China breach

Machinegun ammunition belts.United Nations experts have called for the world body to stop allowing arms for its Mali peacekeepers to be shipped through Ivory Coast after they said a load of military hardware sent by China violated the country's arms embargo.

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