Thursday, January 17, 2019
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Protests will not change Sudan government – Bashir

Protests will not change Sudan governmentSudan’s President Omar al-Bashir reiterated he would not step down after weeks of violent protests and calls for him to quit over a worsening economic crisis.

Tanzania court rejects petition on draft legislation curbing opposition

Tanzania court rejects opposition petitionTanzania’s High Court rejected a petition from some opposition leaders to halt parliamentary debate on draft legislation they say would criminalise many legitimate political activities and cement “one-party” rule.

Opposition candidates banned from Senegal presidential election

Senegal opposition candidates bannedTwo of Senegal’s best known opposition figures have been barred from running in presidential elections next month, the Constitutional Council said, increasing President Macky Sall’s chances of securing a second term.

ISS: Will this election change the DRC?

Vote-counting in the DRC.With the announcement this weekend that the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s (DRC) ruling party had won a substantial majority in the national assembly, the picture of the DRC’s post-election power structure is becoming clearer.

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