Monday, June 27, 2016
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Human Security

Congo arrests politician accused of leading militia that raped children

Rebels in the DRC.Authorities in Democratic Republic of Congo have arrested a provincial lawmaker accused of leading a militia that raped about 30 very young girls and murdered a German engineer and local rights activist, the justice minister said on Thursday.

Gunmen kidnap seven, including Australians, in Nigeria

A policeman in NIgeria.Gunmen in southern Nigeria have killed a local driver and kidnapped as many as seven people, at least three of whom are Australian citizens and one an Australian resident, Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said on Thursday.

Nigerian gunmen kidnap expatriate cement workers in southern city

Nigerian police.Gunmen in southern Nigeria kidnapped three expatriate cement industry workers and killed their local driver in an early morning attack, police said on Wednesday.

DR Congolese gets 18 years for Central African Republic war crimes

Jean-Pierre Bemba.Congolese politician Jean-Pierre Bemba was sentenced to 18 years in prison by the International Criminal Court on Tuesday for heading a 2002-03 campaign of rape and murder in neighbouring Central African Republic.

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