Sunday, July 24, 2016
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Human Security

U.N. rights expert says South Sudan must release editor

altSouth Sudan's arrest of a prominent newspaper editor is unlawful and he must be released, the United Nations expert on freedom of expression said on Thursday.

UN demands release of political prisoners in DR Congo

UN demands DR Congo prisoner releaseThe UN High Commissioner for Human Rights on Thursday called for the release of people he considers political prisoners in Democratic Republic of Congo as the government cracks down on dissent ahead of a contentious electoral period.


Gambia sentences lawyer and 18 others to three years for “unlawful assembly”

Gambian lawyer sentencedGambia sentenced a prominent lawyer and 18 of his supporters to three years in jail on Wednesday for "unlawful assembly" and for holding a protest without a permit, a court document reviewed by Reuters showed.

With faith and Facebook, Zimbabwe preacher takes on Mugabe

#Thisflag Evan MawarireWith a Bible in one hand and iPhone in the other, Evan Mawarire makes an unlikely adversary to Robert Mugabe, who has seen off foes from apartheid assassins and union leaders to Tony Blair and the IMF over 36 years in power.

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