Tuesday, May 31, 2016
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Human Security

Italian marine arrives home after four years in custody in India

Salvatore Girone and Massimiliano Latorre.An Italian marine who Indian prosecutors accuse of murdering two fishermen during an anti-piracy mission returned home on Saturday after four years in custody in New Delhi.

Italian marine Girone can head home - India's top court

Salvatore Girone and Massimiliano Latorre.India's Supreme Court on Thursday said an Italian marine under investigation for the killing of two fishermen is free to go home while international arbitration into the case goes on.

Nearly 1,000 killed in attacks on health workers in 2014-15 - WHO

altNearly 1,000 people were killed in attacks on health centres worldwide over the past two years, almost 40 percent of them in Syria, the World Health Organisation (WHO) said on Thursday in its first report on the issue.

Retired Burundian officer killed amid tension over presidency

altA retired Burundian army colonel was shot dead in Bujumbura on Wednesday, police said, victim of escalating violence between President Pierre Nkurunziza's security forces and opponents who say his re-election for a third term in July was illegal.

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