Wednesday, November 26, 2014
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Human Security

Forty-four killed in two suicide bombings

Suidice bombers strike again in NigeriaTwo female suicide bombers killed at least 44 people on Tuesday in Nigeria's north-eastern city of Maiduguri at the heart of a militant Islamist insurgency, medical officials said.

'Handful' of Libyan troops claim asylum in UK after training - minister

Libyan soldiers.A group of Libyan army cadets whose training programme in Britain was halted early after a series of sex attacks on local residents have claimed asylum, Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said on Monday.

Suspected Islamist fighters in Mali kill two children, abduct 10

altSuspected Islamist fighters kidnapped 10 children and killed two others who tried to escape near two towns in Mali on Saturday, capping a week of violence in the West African country's desert north, a senior Malian military official said.

Kenya pursues and kills militants after bus ambush

Hot pursuit after bus ambush leaves more than 100 deadKenyan security forces have pursued and killed more than 100 militants and destroyed their camp in Somalia after the ambush of a Nairobi-bound bus that killed 28 people, Deputy President William Ruto said.

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