Tuesday, June 30, 2015
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Human Security

Tunisia beach attacker; from rap fan to killer

altOn Wednesday, Saif Rezgui sat down with friends in his Tunisian hometown to chat about his favourite football team, girls and his breakdance skills over coffee and cigarettes.

ISS: Mali hostage drama a moral catch-22

McGown and Gustafsson.A video featuring Stephen McGown, a South African hostage in Mali, was released on YouTube last week and is spine chilling in its clarity. The interview of McGown and Swedish hostage Johan Gustafson, choreographed by a balaclava-wearing jihadist, was screened on television in South Africa and around the world.

Sudan says students with Western passes believed on way to Syria

The Sudanese.Twelve Sudanese medical students, most carrying Western passports, are believed to have travelled to Turkey with the intention of crossing into Syria to join Islamist militant groups, the university's dean of students said on Sunday.

U.N. drug body warns of more heroin deaths on record Afghan supply

A heroin crop.The U.N. drug body warned on Friday that record poppy output in Afghanistan will translate into a spike in heroin-induced deaths, with death rates already rising in Britain and the United States.

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