Tuesday, January 17, 2017
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Human Security

Teargas used to disperse protesting Ivory Coast students

Ivory Coast students teargassedIvory Coast police fired teargas to disperse pupils and students protesting at government ministries in the main city, Abidjan, as nationwide strikes intensified, police and a senior union official said.

Twenty-four killed in DRC ethnic clashes

Ethnic clashes in DR CongoAt least two dozen people, most of them women, have been killed over the past week in ethnic violence between Bantus and Pygmies in south-eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, a UN human rights official said.

No justice in South Sudan after July rapes and killings – UN

No justice in South SudanThe United Nations rebuked South Sudan for failing to pursue justice after grave human rights abuses -- including killings and gang rapes -- were committed during an explosion of violence in the capital Juba in July.

Suicide bombers kill 15 in north-east Nigeria

Fifteen killed in Nigerian suicide bombingFour suicide bombers killed 15 people in a crowded market in the town of Madagali in Nigeria's north-eastern Adamawa state on Friday, a police spokesman said.

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