Thursday, March 30, 2017
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Somalis fleeing Yemen caught in sea attack

Somalis caught in sea attack off YemenThree rockets that fell in the darkness nearby were the first sign of trouble for 150 Somali migrants packed into a boat off Yemen's coast earlier this month.

SAS Amatola prepares for change of command

SAS Amatola. Photo by Dean Wingrin.As the South African Navy frigate SAS Amatola nears the end of her 96 day operational, commemoration and diplomatic visit to various European and African countries, the 177 crew aboard are not taking it easy as they have to prepare for a change of command.

Russian Navy visiting Namibia

Russian naval vessels.The Russian Federation Navy’s Northern Fleet detachment is currently in Namibia on a historic visit.

Egyptian Type 209 submarine heading home

An Egyptian Type 209 submarine.The new Egyptian Navy Type 209/1400 submarine S41 (861) is on its way home from Kiel, Germany.

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