Saturday, January 20, 2018
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South African Army artillery deal confirmed

A T5-52.Denel has revealed that the South African Army will be getting three “artillery platforms,” which are almost certainly T5-52 self-propelled howitzers.


Paramount delivers more vehicles to Kazakhstan

Paramount has delivered Arlan armoured vehicles to Kazakhstan.Paramount Group has delivered additional Arlan (Marauder) armoured vehicles to Kazakhstan's Special Forces through its Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering (KPE) joint venture.


Thales awarded $37m US Army contract for new security force assistance brigades

It will equip the new rapidly deployable security force assistance brigades with the AN/PRC-148C Improved Multiband Inter-Intra Team Radio.


ADG Mobility: the new armoured vehicle kid on the block

ADG Mobility.Former employees from Land Mobility Technologies (LMT) have created a new armoured vehicle company, ADG Mobility, which is specialising in the design and manufacture of protected vehicles.

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