Thursday, May 25, 2017
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Hensold receives Spexer radar orders from Middle East North Africa region

A Spexer radar.Hensoldt, formerly the electronics business unit of Airbus Defence and Space, has sold 50 Spexer 2000 ground surveillance radars to countries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region in deals worth €40 million.


SVI develops new Max armoured vehicle

The SVI Max armoured personnel carrier.SVI Engineering has completed development of its new Max armoured personnel carrier, which has unique features such as a single-piece curved windscreen and large windows for greater situational awareness.


Reutech's RSR 904 radar system used in anti-poaching initiatives in Kruger Park

The innovative Kruger Park surveillance technology, the Meerkat, stops poachers in their tracks.


More details emerge on latest Husky order

A DCD Protected Mobility Husky vehicle.DCD Protected Mobility has revealed that it is selling over 20 Husky 2G mine detection vehicles to the United States Department of Defence under the recently announced $132 million order with Critical Solutions International (CSI). The vehicles are ultimately destined for Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.


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