Tuesday, March 28, 2017
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New vehicles join Reva lineup

A Reva Scout vehicle.Integrated Convoy Protection (ICP) has added a couple of new vehicles to its lineup as well as new variants of existing models. The new additions include the Reva Scout fast reaction vehicle and Reva Protection security vehicle.

Denel Land Systems upgrades mortars

A Denel Land Systems mortar.Denel Land Systems recently upgraded its 60 mm mortars, increasing range and accuracy.

OTT showcases new RPG armour net, surveillance systems and tyre inflation

A Puma vehicle fitted with Tarian RPG net.OTT Technologies has unveiled several new additions to its lineup, including RPG net protection, a low cost tyre inflation system and run flat assembly system.

Milkor demonstrates grenade launcher range

Milkor SuperSix grenade launchers.Milkor last week showcased its range of single and multi-shot grenade launchers to a select group of foreign military attaches, potential and existing clients over a period of three days during live fire demonstrations at the SA Special Force’s Training School.

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