Friday, January 20, 2017
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ICP’s REVA unveils new Internal Security Vehicle

The new Reva Protection vehicle at AAD 2016.South African-based Integrated Convoy Protection (ICP) has unveiled its new low cost Internal Security Vehicle (ISV) which is designed to protect employees or security personnel.

DCD's Husky 2G takes the lead in route clearance

The fitment of a Route Clearance Platform Autonomous Control Kit on the DCD PM Husky 2G design has maximised DCD's vehicle-mounted mine detector system.


Mbombe 8x8 shown at AAD for first time

The Mbombe 8 at AAD.Paramount Group has for the first time showcased its Mbombe 8x8 infantry combat vehicle in South Africa, exhibiting the vehicle at the Africa Aerospace and Defence show.

DCD Protected Mobility showcasing unmanned Husky route clearance vehicle

A DCD Protected Mobility Husky mine detection vehicle.DCD Protected Mobility has for the first time showcased its Husky unmanned route clearance vehicle in South Africa, and is offering the type to the South African Army to meet an emerging potential requirement.

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