Sunday, December 17, 2017
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SVI armouring trains for Mozambique

An armoured train for Mozambique.SVI Engineering is in the process of manufacturing and fitting armour protection to over 100 Mozambican locomotives after a spate of attacks against the vehicles.


Algeria acquires TOS-1 rocket launchers

TOS-1A rocket launchers.The Algerian military is operating the TOS-1A thermobaric rocket launcher, with the weapon system seen during a recent exercise.

Germany deploying MANTIS C-RAM system to Mali

Germany is deploying the Mantis C-RAM system to Mali.The German military plans to deploy its Modular, Automatic and Network capable Targeting and Interception System (MANTIS) counter-rocket, artillery and mortar defence (C-RAM) system to Mali.


Clashes in Kenya reveal the need to control illegal weapons

Herders.Cattle rustling is not new to northwest Kenya. For generations, it has been a way of life in this rugged part of the world. Young men of the Turkana and Pokot tribes, who live side by side in the semiarid region, are taught that protecting livestock and, in some cases, taking it by force from their neighbours, is necessary to survive.


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