Tuesday, December 11, 2018
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Rippel Effect Partnering with FN Herstal

A Rippel Effect grenade launcher.Rippel Effect Systems, in yet another cooperation with a well-known international manufacturer, has partnered with FN Herstal in providing a unique 40mm solution to a third-party client. Rippel, being internationally recognized as the pioneer of the 40mm Medium Velocity (40mm MV) concept, is already the chosen partner for 40mm MV ammunition manufacturers around the globe.


Denel Dynamics develops new missiles

A Cheetah missile.Denel Dynamics is expanding its missile portfolio with new weapons, including the Cheetah air defence missile and P2 surface-to-air munition, while at the same time enhancing its existing product range.


New turrets being developed by Denel Vehicle Systems

An LCT turret.Denel Vehicle Systems (DVS) is developing new turrets, with the Mechatronics division working on new 20 and 30 mm systems.


Namibia operating FN-6 missiles

An FN-6 SAM.It has been revealed that Namibia is using Chinese FN-6 man-portable surface-to-air missiles, which were shown during the recent Heroes’ Day celebrations.


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