Saturday, March 17, 2018
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Chinese armoured vehicles a notable feature of Zim coup

Type 89 armoured vehicles in Zimbabwe.Zimbabwe’s Chinese armoured vehicles have come under the spotlight after the political upheaval in the country over the last week, with multiple Type 89 armoured personnel carriers playing a prominent role in the military’s attempts to take over the government of President Robert Mugabe.


France donates military hardware to Niger

Pickup trucks donated to Niger.France has donated military equipment including vehicles and weapons to Niger in order to support the armed forces of G5 Sahel countries and their fight against terrorism.

Rwanda displays new self-propelled artillery

A Rwandan SH3 self-propelled howitzer.Rwanda has acquired SH3 122 mm self-propelled artillery systems from China, and displayed them during a recent exercise.


Mechem making a mark with demining in Turkey

Mechem demining operations in TurkeyMechem demining teams lifted more than 23 000 landmines over an eight-month period on Turkey’s eastern border - a task regarded as one of the most significant achievements yet in the field of humanitarian demining.

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