Friday, October 20, 2017
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Egypt evaluating new artillery

Caesar 155 mm self-propelled artillery.Egypt appears to be evaluating artillery systems ahead of a possible purchase, with South Korean K9 and French Caesar artillery being spotted in the North African country.


EU hands-over equipment to boost Somali Police capacity building

Somali troops.Vehicles, GPS devices, radio systems, routers and other assets, including office furniture were handed-over to the Somali Police on 13 July by EUCAP Somalia as part of an agreement between the Mission (previously named EUCAP Nestor with its HQ in Djibouti) and the Somali Ministry of Internal Security (MoIS).


Algeria locally modifying artillery

An Algerian D-30 mounted on a Zetros truck.Algeria has for the first time showcased two modified self-propelled artillery systems and other weapons mounted on numerous platforms during a public showcase.


Egypt interested in Buyan class corvettes and K9 artillery

A Buyan class corvette.Egypt may be planning even more military acquisitions, and has apparently expressed interest in Buyan class corvettes from Russia and K9 155 mm self-propelled artillery from South Korea.


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