Tuesday, March 28, 2017
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UAE unveils N35 vehicles

A NIMR N35.The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has publically displayed its new N35 armoured vehicles, based on the Denel Vehicle Systems RG35 but manufactured by NIMR Automotive.

Denel improving Inkunzi

The Denel PMP Inkunzi.Denel PMP has made several changes to the Inkunzi personal area weapon (PAW), announcing the improved Inkunzi PAW A2.

BMP Poland loses €520 000 in fake Ugandan military procurement deal

A T-72 main battle tank.Polish defence company BMP Poland was swindled out of €520 000 after paying 'consultancy fees' to a Ugandan conman who approached the company and offered to buy a wide range of military equipment on behalf of the Ugandan People's Defence Force (UPDF).

China donates military vehicles to Kenya

A recovery vehicle donated by China to Kenya.The Chinese government has donated 36 vehicles to Kenya’s defence force, including water and fuel trucks, recovery vehicles and earthmoving equipment.

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