Wednesday, August 23, 2017
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Denel Land Systems upgrading SA Army G6s

Two South African Army G6s in action.Denel Land Systems is in the process of executing an Armscor contract that will lead to an upgrade of the South African Army’s G6s to address obsolescence.


Nigeria receiving Streit armoured vehicles

Streit armoured vehicles delivered to Nigeria.The Nigerian military has received the first 25 of 177 Streit armoured vehicles, which include Typhoon and Spartan armoured personnel carriers.

Russia begins delivering S-300VM missiles to Egypt

Egyptian S-300 deliveries.The Egyptian military has begun to receive S-300VM/Antey-2500 surface-to-air missile systems, with photos emerging of the missiles and vehicles being unloaded in Alexandria.


Denel Land Systems Small Arms production at full capacity

Denel machineguns.Denel Land Systems has received a large number of machinegun and mortar orders, and its small arms factory will be working double shifts for the next six months as a result.

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