Sunday, March 18, 2018
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ADG Mobility: the new armoured vehicle kid on the block

ADG Mobility.Former employees from Land Mobility Technologies (LMT) have created a new armoured vehicle company, ADG Mobility, which is specialising in the design and manufacture of protected vehicles.

The African battle space is not the Middle East – Ichikowitz

Nigerien soldiers.When Donald Trump was elected U.S. president, speculation as to what this meant for African security was rife. The uncertainty persists among policymakers and analysts alike. But the indicators are already there, if anyone cares to look.


Famed Libyan ruins rely on local support

Leptis Magna Libya ruinsThe limestone and marble ruins of Leptis Magna on Libya’s coast could be a hive of activity and a top tourist destination, but conflict has left one of ancient Rome’s great Mediterranean cities almost entirely cut off from the outside world.

Germany begins deploying MANTIS C-RAM to Mali

Germany has begun deploying elements of its MANTIS system to Mali.The Germany military has begun deploying its Modular, Automatic and Network capable Targeting and Interception System (MANTIS) counter-rocket, artillery and mortar defence (C-RAM) system to Mali.


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