Saturday, October 21, 2017
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ThoroughTec delivers Badger simulators

Badger infantry combat vehicles.Denel Land Systems has begun receiving high-fidelity training simulators for the South African Army’s new Badger Infantry Combat Vehicle (ICV). The SA Army is set to receive 244 Badgers in different variants over the next few years and from the outset, simulator based training has formed an essential component of its mission system.

Germany donates 215 vehicles, 55 satellite phones to Niger Armed Forces

Ursula von der Leyen.The German government has donated 100 flat-bed military trucks, 115 motorcycles and 55 satellite phones to Niger for use by its special army and police counter-terrorism units to combat cross-border militancy and trafficking through the Agadez region of the Sahel.

Africa ordered €550 million worth of military hardware from France in 2016

An ACMAT Bastion APC in Mali.African nations ordered €550 million worth of military equipment from France in 2016, and received €326 million worth of equipment last year, according to a French Ministry for the Armed Forces 2017 report.

Botswana acquired 300 million euros of French weaponry in 2016

A MICA Vertical Launch missile.Botswana purchased €304.2 million worth of military hardware from France in 2016, including MICA-VL and Mistral missiles.

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