Sunday, March 26, 2017
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Army, SOF “operationalising” MILAN

The SA Army and the Special Forces have received the first of about 30 antitank guided missile launchers upgraded at a cost of R167.4 million as part of Project Kingfisher and are now in the process of introducing the regained capability into operational service.  

Denel shows progress with Badger ICV

Denel Land Systems (DLS) is readying the Badger infantry combat vehicle for trials with several currently under construction for SA Army and Armscor evaluation by the middle of next year.

Fact file: Units and formations

The terms “unit” and “formation” are sometimes carelessly used interchangeably. Strictly speaking, the term “unit” and its derivatives apply to battalions and less and the term “formation” to brigades and above. The usefulness of the nomenclature lies in its use as a collective noun for similar-sized but differently named organisations, such as an infantry company, armoured squadron and artillery battery.  

South African designed vehicles to be made in Jordan

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The Matador and the Marauder, both state-of-the-art armoured vehicles developed by South Africa's Paramount Group, are to be manufactured in Jordan. These are the highest specification mine-protected vehicles currently available on the world market, specifically developed for applications in the peacekeeping, defence and policing environments. The two vehicles have been designed in such a way as to be able to be easily customised for a wide range of applications.

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