Tuesday, June 27, 2017
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Extended basic training to delay force preparation exercises

The extension of basic military training (BMT) in the SA Army from the current 14 weeks to 22 will delay the landward arm’s annual force preparation exercises by several months.   Chief of Army Force Preparation, Maj Gen Vuzi Masondo says the Army light forces exercise Young Eagle, up to now held in November, will now take place in February, starting in 2010.  

SA Army extends basic training to 22 weeks

South African Army recruits will from next year undergo 22 week of basic military training (BMT), up from 14 weeks this year and 10 weeks in 2005.   The Chief of Army Force Preparation, Maj Gen Vuzi Masondo says this will allow more time to be spent mastering drills and skills.  

Army Young Eagles exercise wings

The SA Army’s parachute and air assault infantry are this weekend conducting a brigade-level force preparation exercise.   The annual exercise, codenamed Young Eagle, is testing the skills of the January intake of the Military Skills Development (MSD), says Chief Army Force Preparation Major General Vuzi Masondo.  

Britain sees Africa as contemporary training environment

The British Army is ramping up its adaptive foundation training activities in Kenya, using the country as a surrogate Contemporary Operating Environment (COE).   The Royal Air Force, meanwhile, is training aircrew in Morocco, seen as an Afghanistan-representative theatre.  

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