Sunday, April 22, 2018
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Germany orders 405 Puma IFV for €3.1 billion

The German Army, the Bundesheer, has ordered 405 Puma infantry fighting vehicle at a cost of €3.1 billion. Delivery starts next year.


Denel orders Saab computers for Hoefyster

Denel Land Systems has contracted Saab to develop and supply fire control computers for use on the Badger, the South African Army’s New Generation Infantry Combat Vehicles (NGICV).



BAE Systems announces RG34

BAE Systems has acquired the South African designed and developed Iguana light armoured vehicle and will rebrand it the RG34. 


Boeing receives contract for FCS spin out production

The US Army has awarded Boeing an $18.7 million contract to deliver some equipment developed under the now-cancelled Future Combat System (FCS) programme by the year after next.


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