Sunday, March 26, 2017
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National Security

Rwanda changes dual British national with treason

Treason charge laid in RwandaRwandan prosecutors charged a dual Rwandan-British citizen with treason, accusing her of forming an armed group and conspiring to unseat the president.

Egyptian soldiers killed in Sinai

Egyptian soldiers die in Sinai blastTen members of Egypt's security forces were killed by bombs which struck their vehicles in central Sinai, a military spokesman said on Thursday.

Somaliland drought “nightmare” and a security threat

Somaliland drought a nightmareProlonged drought in Somaliland has killed between 65 and 80% of the semi-autonomous region's livestock, creating conditions that are "the worst time in our lives" and could threaten regional security, the region's environment minister said.

Zimbabwe opposition demands UN-conducted vote

Zimbabwe opposition wants UN led electionZimbabwean opposition parties demanded on Wednesday that presidential elections next year be conducted by a committee set up by the United Nations and African Union because they have lost confidence in the neutrality of the local election agency.

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