Thursday, August 28, 2014
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National Security

Washington to give Tunisia military aid to battle Islamists

The American flag.The United States will give Tunisia $60 million (36 million pounds) worth of military aid to help it fight Islamist militants who are threatening the country's nascent democracy, a senior American official said on Tuesday.

AU/UN mission in Darfur extended

AU/UN mission in Darfur extendedThe Security Council has extended the mandate of the African Union/United Nations hybrid operation in Darfur (UNAMID) until June 30 next year requesting the peacekeeping mission to focus on strategic priorities including improved protection of civilians and humanitarian workers, along with the facilitation of aid and mediation activities.

Libyan raids herald bolder Arab action as U.S. role wavers

Smoke rises over Tripoli.Air strikes by Egypt and the United Arab Emirates on Libyan Islamists - as alleged by Washington despite denials from Cairo and the Gulf state - would mark an escalation of a regional struggle over the future of the Arab world.

US-Africa Summit 2014: Africa on the agenda or too little too late?

A revitalised viewpoint on Africa, and its challenges and opportunities for investors, should take centre stage at US-Africa Summit 2014, says Paramount Group.


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