Saturday, December 20, 2014
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National Security

Four killed in Nigerian suicide bomb attack

Four killed in Nigerian suicide bomb attackFour people were killed by two female suicide bombers In Kano, Nigeria.

UN sanctions push for South Sudan could stall on arms embargo

South Sudan arms embargo could be stalledA push at the UN Security Council to impose sanctions on South Sudan's warring parties has reached an impasse due to a dispute over whether to include an arms embargo, diplomats said.

Peace talks in Libya could be doomed

Problems for Libyan peace talksThe United States has little faith in UN-backed peace talks in Libya because Middle Eastern countries are defying requests to end their war by proxy in the oil-rich North African nation, senior US officials said.

Detained cargo aircraft was not carrying weapons

No weapons aboard detained aircraftA Russian cargo plane detained by Nigerian authorities on Saturday had no weapons on it but was carrying two French army helicopters out of Central African Republic (CAR) the French ambassador said.

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