Saturday, March 24, 2018
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National Security

Former Cameroon minister arrested in Nigeria

Ex Cameroon minister arrested in NigeriaCameroon’s former water and energy minister was arrested in Nigeria and flown home a police source and local media said, amid a crackdown on high-level corruption.

Sisi vows to safeguard Egyptian security

Sisi vows to safeguard EgyptWhen Abdel Fattah al-Sisi announced he was standing for Egypt’s highest office four years ago he said it would be his last day in uniform, a pledge symbolising his transition from military chief to president.

Rift in east Libya forces over commander sought by ICC

Rift in Haftar forcesUncertainty over the status of a Libyan commander wanted by the International Criminal Court caused a rift between military leaders who detained him for questioning and fighters who staged protests to force his release.

Mistaken identity leads to nine civilian deaths in Ethiopia

Nine killed in Ethiopian mistaken identity clashEthiopian soldiers killed nine civilians and injured 12 after mistaking them for rebels near a town on the border with Kenya, state media said.

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