Sunday, March 01, 2015
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National Security

ISS: Spy cables - supping with the devil

The Spy Cables are embarrassing the SSA.South Africa’s secret service, the State Security Agency (SSA), has been caught with its pants down (to the great amusement of the South African public) by a flood of revelations about its clandestine activities revealed in the ‘spy cables’ – the reports from its own agents and those of several foreign secret services, leaked to the network Al Jazeera and other media groups.

Did State Security spy on Defence Intelligence’s satellite programme?

Spy satellite saga continuesAnother apparent revelation by the Al Jazeera/Guardian Spy Cables has led long-time spy satellite seeker after the truth, David Maynier, to ask whether the State Security Agency (SSA) was collecting intelligence on a Defence Intelligence satellite surveillance programme.

Call for “Spy Cables” Parliamentary briefing

Parliament should be briefed on the Spy CablesParliament’s Joint Standing committee on Intelligence has declared its “concern” regarding the Spy Cables, classified documents from intelligence services, including South Africa’s State Security Agency (SSA).

Tunisia arrests about 100 militant suspects, signs of Islamic State influence

Tunisian police.Tunisia arrested about 100 suspected Islamist militants in the last three days, some of whom were preparing attacks, officials said on Tuesday, and published video footage showing evidence of an Islamic State influence on some of those detained.

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