Thursday, April 24, 2014
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National Security

More recriminations on South Sudan massacre

Claims UN could have done more to prevent South Sudan massacreUganda’s army, backing its neighbour South Sudan against a four-month-old rebellion, said UN peacekeepers should have done more to stop insurgents slaughtering civilians there last week.

Former Ivory Coast rebel said to be profiting from banned diamond trade

Ex-rebel officer said to be profiting from diamondsA senior Ivory Coast army officer is breaking a diamond embargo and may be using profits to buy arms UN experts have found, dealing a potentially embarrassing blow to government efforts to have the ban lifted.

Somali parliamentarian killed by car bomb

Car bomb kills Somali lawmakerA Somali lawmaker was killed when a bomb planted by Islamist militants ripped through his car in the capital Mogadishu on Monday.

ISS: Somalia - why orthodox aid policy must give way to battlefield reality

Somali government soldiers.Jens Mjaugedal, Special Envoy of Norway to Somalia, is frustrated… which is hardly surprising given his mission to try to turn Somalia, which has officially been the world’s most failed state for many years, into a success.

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