Sunday, December 11, 2016
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National Security

No respite for Libya after IS driven from Sirte

No respite in Sirte for Libyan forcesAs Islamic State's last defences crumbled this week in their Libyan bastion Sirte, dozens of women and children used as human shields stumbled dazed and dust-caked from the rubble.

Somali forces retake port town

Somalia port town retakenSoldiers loyal to Somalia's government retook control of a port town on Wednesday from insurgents who declared allegiance to Islamic State, officials said.

Libyan forces clear last IS holdout in Sirte

Last IS holdout in SirteLibyan forces backed by US air strikes finished clearing the last Islamic State holdout in Sirte on Tuesday after a near seven-month battle for the militant group's former North African stronghold.

African country selects ISI to provide satellite imagery

altImageSat International (ISI) has been selected to provide intelligence to an African country, the company has announced.

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