Sunday, April 30, 2017
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National Security

SA police arrest man in official murder plot

altThe Hawks have arrested a 33-year-old man for allegedly plotting to assassinate top government officials.


Riots hit Guinea bauxite mining hub

Riots in GuineaRiots paralysed a major bauxite mining hub in Guinea, Africa's top producer, as residents erected barricades and burnt tyres to protest high pollution levels and power cuts, government and company officials said.

Five killed in air strike on Libyan prison

Five killed in Libya air strikeAn air strike on a prison has killed five people in a Libyan desert town where armed factions have been fighting along a strategic route from the southern border region to Tripoli, a medical source said.

Sudan accuses South Sudan president of meeting rebels

Sudan accuses South Sudan of meeting rebelsSudan has warned South Sudan to cease its support for rebel groups at war with Khartoum, accusing its president of meeting with rebels last week in a rare public statement from Khartoum's intelligence agency.

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