Sunday, August 30, 2015
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National Security

Spain accuses suspect of running Islamic State network in Morocco

Moroccan police.A Moroccan man arrested in Spain this week is accused of coordinating a network of Islamic State supporters in Moroccan cities who spread the group's message and recruit militants to fight in Iraq and Syria, a court document said on Thursday.

Man from Ghana joins Islamic State, family says

An Islamic State militant.A 25-year-old Muslim from Ghana has travelled to an Islamic State training camp, becoming the first known recruit from the West African nation to join the militant group, his family said on Tuesday.

Feature: Communications interception device bust highlights the world of non-government spying

A cellphone.Three men have been arrested by the South African Police Service in an undercover sting operation in which the Hawks posed as buyers for a cellphone locator and eavesdropping machine called a “Grabber”. The three are alleged to have listened in to government tenders related to the Airports Company of South Africa.

Spain, Morocco arrest 14 suspected of recruiting for Islamic State

Spanish police detain a suspected Islamist.Spain and Morocco arrested 14 people on Tuesday suspected of recruiting fighters to join Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, Spain's Interior Ministry said.

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