Wednesday, October 26, 2016
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US building $100 million UAV base in central Niger

An MQ-9 Reaper unmanned aerial vehicle.The United States military said on Friday it is building a $100 million (£76.8 million) temporary base for surveillance drones in Agadez, central Niger, to help the West African country combat militant groups and protect its borders.

Russia to open aviation service centre in Africa

A Technodinamkia technician.Russian aviation holding company Technodinamika plans to open an aviation service centre in Africa in 2018.

Saab continues with peacekeeping maintenance in Somalia

An African Union Casspir in Somalia.qSaab Kenya Limited has extended a contract to provide Third Party Maintenance (TPM) services to peacekeeping initiatives in Somalia over the next two years.

Logistics: anticipate and respond

A French C-160 in Mali.The life of the logistician is not a glamorous one. Sometimes called “sustainers” or “loggies” or simply “the guys in the rear with the gear,” their job is to keep operations running smoothly. In fact, logistics officers say that if they’re doing their jobs correctly, no one will notice them.

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