Tuesday, March 03, 2015
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US Army helicopters returning from Ebola mission

An HH-60 Black Hawk aboard the MV Cape Race.As part of the United States withdrawal of troops from the Ebola assistance mission in West Africa, various US Army helicopters are being sent home.

WEW offering liquid logistics solution

A WEW logistics solution.German company WEW is promoting its modular liquid logistics solution at IDEX 2015, offering systems for the safe handling of water, fuel, lubricants, waste and other liquids.

US studying special operations airlift needs in Africa

A PAC 750..The United States military is seeking to identify companies able to provide fixed wing air transport services on behalf of US Army Special Operations Command (SOCOM) in countries in Africa.

Gambia buys new cargo scanner

MC1 scanner.The Gambian government has ordered Romanian company MBT’s Roboscan 1MC cargo scanning system.

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