Sunday, January 21, 2018
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Project Koba-Tlala steadily ticking off objectives

Project Koba-TlalaTen objectives of the SA National Defence Force’s (SANDF) ambitious contribution to government’s National Development Plan via Project Koba-Tlala have been achieved to date.

Confusion over Turkey’s naval dock plan in Sudan

Ruins in Suakin.It remains unclear as to whether or not Turkey will build a naval dock at Suakin in Sudan, as Turkey has denied initial reports about naval facilities at the historic port.


Russian military working on deal to use Egypt air bases

Egyptian Rafales.Russia’s government published a draft agreement between Russian and Egypt on Thursday allowing both countries to use each other’s air space and air bases for their military planes.


African militaries must prioritise logistics

Exercise Blue Kunene in Namibia.A significant development in the post-Cold War period has been African states’ active involvement in peacekeeping operations. Of the 105,078 personnel deployed in support of nine United Nations peacekeeping missions in Africa, more than half are uniformed Africans. Ethiopia, Nigeria and South Africa have the largest contingents of the 38 African countries contributing peacekeepers. Even states that were once devastated by war, such as Sierra Leone, are now deploying peacekeepers.

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