Thursday, April 26, 2018
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Military Art & Science

Feature: Protecting South Africa’s vital external interests

A South African Army Ratel.South Africa has external interests that are important or vital to the economy, some vulnerable to disruption and requiring protection commensurate with risk and threat levels that may arise in the future.

Feature: Protecting South Africa’s critical infrastructure

Medupi power station.‘National key points’ have raised negative comment on several occasions, but the reality is that any state has infrastructure that is critical to the running of the state and the functioning of its economy. Such infrastructure is vulnerable not only in time of war, but also in supposed times of peace, when assorted irregular forces, armed groups and even ‘lone wolf’ actors can cause immense disruption and damage.


Feature: Protecting South Africa's borders

A soldier on border protection duty.Protecting a nation’s borders was among the first tasks to fall to armies. Similarly, protecting a nation’s waters and its seaborne trade were among the first tasks of navies. In neither case was the threat necessarily an attack by forces of another nation; it could as easily be the threat of roving bandits or pirates. In more recent times, air forces have been given ‘air policing’ tasks, to intercept and interrogate and, if necessary, force down unidentified aircraft.


Feature: South Africa’s defence priorities

Armoured vehicles and a Rooivalk during an Army Capability Demonstration.Another year, another defence budget, and once again the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) is left short-changed and under-funded, as it has been for almost a quarter of a century, despite periods of high operational commitments and tempo.


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