Sunday, May 28, 2017
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Military Art & Science

Adopting an effective Arms Trade Treaty: A humanitarian imperative

In many parts of the world, weapons are easy to obtain and armed violence pervasive as a result of the poorly regulated international trade in conventional arms. Civilians continue to face the risk of being injured, killed or displaced by weapons-related violence even after an armed conflict has ended.

Stratfor: Insurgency and the Protracted War

altIn recent weeks, insurgent forces in several countries have been forced to withdraw from territories they once held. Somalia's al Shabaab, which was pushed out of Mogadishu in October 2011, was ejected from Afmadow on May 30. The group now runs the risk of losing its hold once again on the port city of Kismayo, an important logistical and financial hub for al Shabaab.

Feature: Platoon manoeuvres (corrected)

War is a social science, as is organising for it. However, it is often said the defining characteristic of the social sciences is that they are not sciences. This leaves vast space for personal opinion and debate, hopefully backed by facts or at least a cogent argument. Among these is whether the platoon should have an integral support or “weapons” section or whether support weapons should be concentrated at company level and delegated down as required.  

Stratfor: The end of counterinsurgency and the scalable force

altThe U.S. military for years has debated the utility of counterinsurgency operations. Drawing from a sentiment that harkens back to the Vietnam War, many within the military have long opposed counterinsurgency operations. Others see counterinsurgency as the unavoidable future of U.S. warfare. The debate is between those who believe the purpose of a conventional military force is to defeat another conventional military force and those who believe conventional military conflicts increasingly will be replaced by conflicts more akin to recent counterinsurgency operations. In such conflicts, the purpose of a counterinsurgency is to transform an occupied society in order to undermine the insurgents.

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