Tuesday, March 28, 2017
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Military Art & Science

Stratfor: The end of counterinsurgency and the scalable force

altThe U.S. military for years has debated the utility of counterinsurgency operations. Drawing from a sentiment that harkens back to the Vietnam War, many within the military have long opposed counterinsurgency operations. Others see counterinsurgency as the unavoidable future of U.S. warfare. The debate is between those who believe the purpose of a conventional military force is to defeat another conventional military force and those who believe conventional military conflicts increasingly will be replaced by conflicts more akin to recent counterinsurgency operations. In such conflicts, the purpose of a counterinsurgency is to transform an occupied society in order to undermine the insurgents.

Opinion: SANDF Combat Readiness - Some grave concerns

I am driven to capture these thoughts from a sense of deep moral duty and concern for fellow soldiers. Anyone who has studied military history, and the underlying factors for success of good military leaders, will know that the military leader’s love, care and concern for his subordinates is both a duty and a pre-requisite.

Feature: The 21st Century infantry section: what road to take?

The importance of the infantry section on the modern battlefield can hardly be exaggerated. Its place has certainly been recognised in rhetoric but not necessarily in reality. Almost every conflict in the last sixty years has been called a “corporal's war”, sometimes a “subaltern's war”, to indicate the level at which most of the fighting take place.

Factbox: Who are the world's nuclear powers?

altSouth Korea hosts some 50 world leaders at a two-day nuclear security summit starting to discuss ways to safeguard nuclear materials and facilities from terrorist groups.

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