Wednesday, August 23, 2017
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Military Art & Science

Special forces a force multiplier for SADC military interventions – expert

altThe special forces are a potentially useful asset that can be used by the SADC Standby Force as a force multiplier, according to South African Army Colonel Renier Coetzee.

A South African perspective on Austria’s civil/military co-operation efforts

altIn the post-World War II/post-Cold War era, intra-state conflicts and climate and natural disaster related crises are on the rise. Sovereign armed forces around the world have retooled to where resources can be better used to address the intricacies brought up by these new challenges.

Feature: SANDF – Optimum Force Design

altThe ‘Battle of Bangui’ in the Central African Republic in March and its aftermath should cause government to think about what sort of Defence Force South Africa needs. While the troops fought magnificently, the Defence Force had no means of either promptly reinforcing or extracting them. A similar challenge could have arisen in November when M23 rebels occupied Goma in the DRC.

Do the US and South Africa have a role in resolving DRC conflict?

altOn March 18 Bosco Ntaganda, International Criminal Court (ICC) inductee and leader of one of the Democratic Republic of Congo’s M23 rebel factions, walked into United States Embassy in Kigali. Ntaganda, also known as “The Terminator,” specifically asked to be transferred to the ICC in the Hague.

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