Saturday, December 16, 2017
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Military Art & Science

Defence Review 2014 – The Defence Industry

Weapons and aircraft manufactured by Denel.An important element of the Defence Review is its consideration of the defence industry which is needed to define the capability actually required and how best to support that capability, to provide a policy as the basis for a defence industry strategy that can guide both the Defence Force’s acquisition planning, and planning by companies in the defence sector.

Defence Review 2014 – The Focus

A South African Army Olifant main battle tank.The Defence Review serves a triple purpose: it closes the gap between the 1998 Review and the strategic situation of today; it moves away from the business management inspired organisation and processes that have demonstrably failed; and it provides the basis for long-term planning by the Defence Force.

All hail the OPV

The SAS Galeshewe offshore patrol vessel. SA Navy photo.Will Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPVs) be the workhorse of all Navies in the future? This is the question that you could asked yourself after the latest naval conference organized by IQPC on 15 to 17 October in Saint-Cyr sur Mer, on the French Riviera.

Special forces a force multiplier for SADC military interventions – expert

altThe special forces are a potentially useful asset that can be used by the SADC Standby Force as a force multiplier, according to South African Army Colonel Renier Coetzee.

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