Wednesday, April 25, 2018
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Military Art & Science

May 2 is Voortrekker Monument military fair day

Voortrekker Monument Military FairAlready “a must” on the diaries of many military history enthusiasts, this year’s Voortrekker Monument military and history fair on May 2 will have an added – aerial – attraction.

The Class of 2016 starts work at the SA Military Academy

Class of 2016 at SA Military AcademyThe class of 2016 at the SA Military Academy, officially designated MA18, were told as part of their welcoming at the Saldanha Bay institute they were there to build comprehensive human security and peace in South Africa.

Professionalism in peacekeeping

UN peacekeepers.Military professionalism has three main characteristics: responsibility, corporate unity and expertise, according to Samuel Huntington in his book, The Soldier and the State. These should be at the core of all military functions. Their importance in peacekeeping dates back to 1948 when the military played a central role in the United Nations Truce Supervision Organization in the Middle East, the first modern peacekeeping mission. Today, the U.N. leads 16 peacekeeping operations worldwide. All depend on the efforts of professional Soldiers.

Feature: Maritime defence an essential part of Operation Phakisa

A Super Lynx with a Valour class frigate.Economic growth through development of the ocean economy as part of Operation Phakisa requires effective maritime surveillance and defence, with nearly 4 000 kilometres of South Africa’s coastline that needs to be secured.

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