Tuesday, April 24, 2018
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Military Art & Science

The African Peace and Security Architecture – a system for the past or adapting to the future?

Amani Africa II.The African Standby Force (ASF) has been declared to have reached full operational capability (FOC), in four out the five African regions. Full Operational Capability was the conclusion of the so-called Gambari validation report of December 2017, that followed in the wake of the announcement of the African Chiefs of Defence (January 2016) and the Amani II field exercise held in South Africa during October-November 2015.


The fog of war: How Cuito Cuanavale became a legend

SADF soldiers in Angola.One of the interesting aspects of researching the fighting in southern Angola in 1987/88 was finding how different the recorded facts were to popular narratives, of which there are many. It would be worth discovering how some brigade-sized engagements near Cuito Cuanavale, which ended in a stalemate, came to become, in the eyes of some, a decisive battle that brought about a historic change in the history of all Southern Africa.


Feature: Was Cuito Cuanavale an SADF objective?

altThere has been renewed interest in the final phase of South Africa’s involvement in Angola 30 years ago, but it has been mired in controversy and confusion.


Soldiers to the rescue

An Oryx evacuating a patient.For years, when countries needed their armed forces’ help during natural disasters, the philosophy was “last in, first out” — don’t use them except as a last resort, and use them as little as possible. But that thinking is at odds with the need for a timely response, which is something armed forces are trained to do.


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