Wednesday, October 26, 2016
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Military Art & Science

Military outsourcing offers savings, expertise

A private maritime security guard.The core responsibilities of militaries all over the world include protecting civilians, rescue work during natural disasters and securing borders. But these same militaries must expend time and energy on the mundane tasks any large organization must deal with, such as payrolls, vehicle maintenance and laundry services.

Simulations enhance military training

A ThoroughTec simulator.Consider the typical tank used in combat. Tanks are a key component of modern ground warfare, but their use comes at a price. They are expensive to buy and expensive to operate. They guzzle fuel. Their tracks wear out. Tanks can be unreliable and difficult to repair. And tank training is destructive.

May 2 is Voortrekker Monument military fair day

Voortrekker Monument Military FairAlready “a must” on the diaries of many military history enthusiasts, this year’s Voortrekker Monument military and history fair on May 2 will have an added – aerial – attraction.

The Class of 2016 starts work at the SA Military Academy

Class of 2016 at SA Military AcademyThe class of 2016 at the SA Military Academy, officially designated MA18, were told as part of their welcoming at the Saldanha Bay institute they were there to build comprehensive human security and peace in South Africa.

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