Tuesday, July 07, 2015
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Military Art & Science

Friday is military fair day at the Voortrekker Monument

Military Fair at the Voortrekker MonumentThat there are a growing number of South Africans with more than a passing interest in matters military comes with the announcement that this year’s Voortrekker Monument Military Fair will have more exhibitors than any of its predecessors.

US Deputy Defence Secretary details the future of war

Global Hawk UAVs.On stage last week at the U.S. Army War College in Pennsylvania, Deputy Defense Secretary Bob Work summoned up scenes from a future war where soldiers and machines join forces in a multidimensional “informationalized” zone, using advanced tools to fight adversaries from space to cyberspace.

COLET Journal of Education Technology

COLET launches education technology journalThe SANDF Journal of Education Technology is the newest addition to South African military literature that hopes to set the academic ball rolling for a debate on education technology in the local military.

Open Day at Aerospace Leadership Academy

Aerospace Leadership Academy open dayBoth guest speakers at the Aerospace Leadership Academy (AERLA) open day stressed discipline and hard work as the core ingredients of a successful school career and the foundation for a rewarding career in one of the varied facets of the aerospace industry.

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