Saturday, August 18, 2018
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Military Art & Science

SA War Graves Society raising funds to maintain and restore military history

SA War Graves SocietyThe SA War Graves Society (SAWGS) exists solely to restore and maintain war graves and memorials and has an ongoing need for funding as all its work is voluntary.

Veterans Military Fair

MOTH Military Veterans FairEdenvale in Gauteng is the place to be on Saturday, July 21, if you are a collector of military memorabilia in any number of shapes and sizes when the MOTH Shellhole Dickie Fritz, in collaboration with the SA War Graves Society, hosts a Veterans Military Fair.

Navy looks backwards for future acquisitions

An SA Navy strike craft.With the SA Navy facing budget and other challenges, it is looking back at past acquisition strategies to see what lessons can be learnt for the future.


Helicopter displays, military re-enactments at Voortrekker Monument military fair

Voortrekker Monument military fairThe May public holiday has become synonymous with what is Gauteng’s biggest military and history fair and this year is no different.

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