Tuesday, January 16, 2018
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Civil Security

Army deployed as protests continue in Tunisia

Protests continue in TunisiaTunisian protesters burnt down a regional national security headquarters near the Algerian border, prompting authorities to send in troops after police retreated, witnesses said, as unrest over prices and taxes continued nationwide.

Third night of protests in Tunisia

Third day of protests in TunisiaTunisian demonstrators defied a security clampdown threat as they spilled onto the streets of the capital and at least four other towns for a third night of violent protest fuelled by economic hardship.

Tunisian opposition calls for further protests against austerity measures

Protests continue in TunisiaTunisia’s main opposition party called for protests against the “unjust” 2018 budget including price and tax hikes to continue until government scraps them, a day after a demonstrator was killed in clashes.

Rival army factions clash in Ivory Coast city

Rival army factions clash in ivory CoastGunshots and heavy weapons fire erupted between rival factions in Ivory Coast’s army at military bases in its second largest city, Bouake, residents and soldiers said.

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