Tuesday, March 20, 2018
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Civil Security

Six arrested for Marikana killings

Marikana.A police operation has led to the arrest of six suspects who are thought to be behind the killings of people in Marikana, North West, five years ago, says Police Minister Fikile Mbalula.


ISS: Africa's violent trade in cattle, guns and bullets

Cattle in Sudan.Cattle rustling is by no means a new problem in Africa. Pastoral communities in East Africa and the Horn have dealt with it for generations. Cattle rustling or raiding was integrated into cultural norms and accepted as a way to balance community wealth and power. Driven by community need, it was redistributive and reciprocal. Local means of conflict resolution would prevent the escalation of violence, particularly among pastoral communities.


Buhari denies cattle grazing plan is “colonisation”

Nigerian cattle grazing plan not colonialisationNigeria’s president denied government proposals to share land to end a wave of violence over grazing rights amounted to “colonisation” of fertile areas by his own ethnic group.

Kenya media, opposition crackdown criticised

Opposition to Kenya media crackdownA top Kenyan newspaper published a fake death notice of a prominent opposition financier, a bizarre error rights groups interpreted as another sign of an anti-democratic slide.

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