Tuesday, April 24, 2018
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Civil Security

Deadline set for Tanzanian bloggers

Tanzanian blog deadlineTanzania’s communications regulator set a two-week deadline for bloggers to register platforms under strict new online content rules, amid concerns that government is cracking down on internet users.

Madagascans urged to end protests

Madagascar protestsMadagascar’s president demanded an end to unrest he said was intended to divide the country after two demonstrators were killed in a confrontation between police and anti-government protesters at the weekend.


Zimbabwe nurses’ strike over

Zimbabwe nurses strike overZimbabwean nurses called off a strike against poor working conditions and returned to work on Monday, a nurses union said.

Madagascar protests leave one dead

Protests in MadagascarOne person was killed when Madagascar police fired tear gas at opposition demonstrators protesting against new electoral laws they say are designed to lock out their candidate from a presidential election due this year.

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