Sunday, June 26, 2016
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Civil Security

Death toll in S.African protests rises to five

A burnt out bus from protests in Pretoria.The death toll from street violence in South Africa's capital has risen to five, police said on Thursday, after two more bodies were found following clashes triggered by the ruling party's choice of a mayoral candidate for a local vote.

40 more arrested in Tshwane protests

SAPS conducting an arrest.The South African Government says a gradual stability is returning to some of the previously volatile areas in Tshwane as a result of the interventions by law enforcement agencies.

Death toll in clashes, blast in Libyan town rises to 40

Libyan militia.The number of people killed in an explosion and in clashes between militiamen and locals in a town east of Tripoli has risen to 40, an official said on Wednesday.

Libyan forces take losses in battle for Sirte against Islamic State

A Libyan rebel.Libyan forces fighting Islamic State in its stronghold of Sirte said on Wednesday that 36 of their men had been killed and nearly 150 wounded in the previous day's clashes, one of the heaviest tolls in their month-long campaign.

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