Friday, December 02, 2016
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Civil Security

Water cannons used against Zimbabweans protesting “fake money”

Bonds protest in ZimbabweZimbabwean riot police used water cannons to scatter 20 activists protesting the introduction of "bond notes", a new domestic currency they say could touch off uncontrolled money printing and a return to hyper-inflation.

Insurgents behead Somali village elders over Islamic tax

al Shabaab militants.Islamist militants have beheaded eight Somali village elders and killed at least seven other people during fighting spurred by a dispute over payment of an Islamic tax, a villager and a local official said on Wednesday.

Bomb kills four Somali soldiers as forces mull attack on Islamic State

Somali soldiers inspecting bomb wreckage.Islamist insurgents killed four pro-government Somali soldiers and injured 11 others when a roadside bomb destroyed a military pickup in the north of the country on Tuesday, the military said.

Sudan seizes print-runs of four newspapers amid protests

A Sudanese policeman reads a newspaper.Sudanese authorities seized the print-runs of four daily newspapers on Tuesday, staff said, a move one editor called a crackdown on coverage of anti-austerity protests.

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