Sunday, May 20, 2018
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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Elios – a unique collision-tolerant drone

An Elios UAV.It looks like a soccer ball and bounces about like one - but it’s actually a drone inside a tubular cage.


Aviation insurance for drones

Pieter Niemand.“Is there anyone here without a licence? Anyone here without an ID card or book?” Pieter Niemand asks the serried ranks of attendees at DroneCon 2018 in Vodaworld, Midrand.


South Africa pushing for flying cars

Lilium flying cars.One day Heidi Patmore hopes to visit her clients out in the east of Johannesburg from her office in the north west of the city in under six minutes – rather than the 90 minutes or even more it might take her in rush hour.


Drones are a disruptive technology

Commercial UAVs.Valter Adao is not a drone specialist. He’s Deloitte’s chief digital officer and he’s fascinated by technological disruption. Drones, he told the attendees at DroneCon 2018 at Vodaworld in Midrand, will disrupt our world just like Uber, Airbnb, Amazon and Netflix have already done.


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Company News

  • BRONCO II launched for USA
    by Paramount Group, 10 May 2018

    The BRONCO II's internal Interchangeable Multi-Mission System Bay allows a single airframe to be rapidly reconfigured to perform multiple roles.

  • AHRLAC/Mwari enters production and preparing first deliveries
    by Paramount Group, 8 May 2018

    The Ahrlac and its armed variant, the Mwari, are being developed and produced at Wonderboom Airport by Ahrlac Holdings, co-owned by Paramount Group.

  • defenceWeb launches new drone portal
    by defenceWeb, 7 May 2018

    The unmanned aerial vehicle portal will focus exclusively on military and commercial unmanned aviation, regulations and technology.