Saturday, February 25, 2017
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Military Helicopters

World medium and heavy military helicopter market declining

A Kiowa Warrior helicopter.An estimated 4,791 medium/heavy military rotorcraft will be produced from 2016 through 2025, with this production valued at $115.7 billion, with yearly production predicted to decline, according to a new report.

Uganda to get five refurbished Hueys

Huey II helicopters. Bell photo.Uganda will receive five refurbished UH-1H Huey II helicopters and related equipment from the United States under a Foreign Military Sale (FMS) arrangement.

Botswana Police Service helicopter crashes

A Botswana Police Service AS350.A Botswana Police Service helicopter has crashed while on an anti-poaching operation, injuring the six occupants.

Helicopter market – seeking opportunities amid hardships: the military to the rescue?

A Caracal helicopter.The helicopter market remains under pressure. Despite the stabilization of defence spending, budgets remain tight and parapublic markets are considered to be mature.

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