Wednesday, October 18, 2017
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Military Helicopters

Busy times for the Rooivalk

A Rooivalk in UN colours during the 2017 Air Capability Demonstration.Last year was a busy year for the Rooivalk, with the attack helicopter firing thousands of cannon rounds and rockets at rebels in the DRC and Denel pushing ahead with a possible upgrade and export sales of the aircraft.


Taiwan donates two UH-1H helicopters to Burkina Faso

A newly delivered Huey in Burkina Faso.Taiwan has donated two UH-1H Huey helicopters to Burkina Faso’s Air Force during the visit of General Wang Hsin-Lung, Chief of Staff of the Republic of China’s armed forces.


Kenya receiving Cobra attack helicopters?

Cobra helicopters for KenyaThe Kenya Air Force may be receiving AH-1 Cobra attack helicopters as part of its military modernisation efforts.


China deploying first helicopter peacekeeping unit

A Chinese peacekeeper next to a UN helicopter.China is for the first time deploying a helicopter unit to take part in overseas peacekeeping operations.


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