Sunday, April 22, 2018
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Military Helicopters

Cameroon receiving Mi-24s

An Mi-24 attack helicopter.Cameroon has apparently received the first of two refurbished Mi-24 attack helicopters from Russia, as part of an order for six.

Feature: Denel pushing Rooivalk Mk 2, export orders

A Rooivalk fitted with Mokopa and A-Darter missiles and rockets.Denel is in discussions with various government departments including the South African Air Force (SAAF) on upgrading the Rooivalk combat helicopter and developing a next generation Rooivalk Mk 2, which is being marketed to potential foreign clients.

Uganda takes delivery of Mi-171 VIP helicopter

A Mi-171E helicopter.The Ugandan government has taken delivery of a Mi-171E helicopter configured with a VIP interior from Russian Helicopters, as part of a contract signed last year.

Algeria receives additional Mi-26T2s

An Algerian Mi-26.The Algerian Air Force has taken delivery of another two Mi-26T2 helicopters from Russia, after the first two were delivered in June last year. Algeria has 14 on order.

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