Monday, February 20, 2017
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Middle East

Suicide bomber kills at least 50 Yemeni troops in Aden

altA suicide bomber killed at least 50 Yemeni soldiers at a base in the city of Aden, a local security official said, in another major attack claimed by Islamic State on forces allied to a Saudi-led military coalition.

Iraq says it destroys Mosul car bomb factories

Battle damaged buildings in Mosul.Iraqi forces captured a neighbourhood in east Mosul on Friday, pushing deeper to the heart of Islamic State's Iraq stronghold and destroying three sites where it produced car bombs used in waves of suicide attacks, the campaign's commander said.

After Aleppo, Syria’s Assad still far from regaining his state

After AleppoWhen President Bashar al-Assad turns from the wreckage of Aleppo to assert his authority across a fractured Syria, it will be as a figure virtually unassailable by rebels, but still faces great challenges in restoring the power of his state.

Syrian army’s Aleppo advance slows, but victory is in sight

Aleppo advance slowsThe Syrian army's advance in Aleppo has slowed but a victory was still firmly in sight after President Bashar al-Assad vowed retaking the city would change the course of the six-year-old war.

Iraqi troops pull out from Mosul hospital after fierce battle

Iraqi forces near the Tigris river.Iraqi troops who briefly seized a Mosul hospital believed to be used as an Islamic State base were forced to withdraw from the site, but managed to establish a base for army tanks nearby after days of fierce back-and-forth fighting, residents said.

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