Sunday, June 25, 2017
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Middle East

Iraqi forces chip away at IS-held parts of Mosul

Battle for Mosul still ongoingFly-blown corpses of Islamic State militants (IS) litter the streets of a district in Mosul as US-backed Iraqi forces chip away at the last handful of districts under the jihadists' control.

U.S. to arm Syrian Kurds fighting Islamic State, despite Turkey's ire

YPG fighters.Despite fierce opposition from NATO ally Turkey, U.S. President Donald Trump has approved supplying arms to Kurdish YPG fighters to support an operation to retake the Syrian city of Raqqa from Islamic State, U.S. officials said on Tuesday.


Syrian army advances despite deal to cut violence, monitor says

Syrian Army soldiers.The Syrian army seized control of the village of al-Zalakiyat north of Hama on Sunday amid a heavy bombardment, a war monitor reported, despite a deal brokered by Russia, Syria's main foreign backer, to reduce fighting.


Iraqi forces gain foothold in northwest Mosul after surprise new push

An Iraqi Army soldier holds an RPB during the advance on Mosul.Iraqi forces pushed further into Mosul from the north on the second day of a new push to speed up the nearly seven-month attempt to dislodge Islamic State, commanders said on Friday.

Mosul offensive gains fresh momentum as army attacks IS from northwest

Damaged buildings in Mosul.The U.S.-backed Iraqi offensive to take back Mosul from Islamic State gained fresh momentum on Thursday, with an armoured division trying to advance into the city from the northern side.


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