Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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Middle East

Lebanese soldier killed in clashes with Sunni militants

A Lebanese armoured personnel carrier.A Lebanese soldier was killed on Thursday evening during clashes with Sunni Muslim fighters in the coastal city of Tripoli after the army tried to storm a Sunni area, a security source said.

Insight: Beheadings and spies help al Qaeda gain ground in Syria

Syrian fighters.Armed with machine guns, black-clad al Qaeda fighters drove their pick-ups calmly into the northern Syrian town and took over its imposing agriculture ministry building.

Yemen says regains ministry compound, kills 11 militants

The Yemen defence ministry.Yemen's Defense Ministry said on Friday it had regained full control of its Sanaa military compound a day after a militant attack that killed 52 people, and an al Qaeda-affiliated group claimed responsibility for the assault.

Coordinated attacks in northern Iraqi city kill 11, wound 70

Aftermath of a bomb attack.Gunmen and suicide bombers attacked a police intelligence headquarters and a nearby shopping mall in a coordinated attack in the northern city of Kirkuk late on Wednesday, killing 11 people and wounding 70, police and medical sources said.

After execution-style killings, Iraqis await worse

Bodies in Iraq.A spate of execution-style killings in Iraq has rekindled memories of attacks carried out at the height of the country's sectarian bloodshed and raised fears of a widespread return to such violence.

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