Friday, July 20, 2018
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Middle East

Al Qaeda breaks link with Syrian militant group ISIL

ISIL fighters on parade in Syria.Al Qaeda's general command said on Monday it had no links with the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), in an apparent attempt to reassert its authority over fragmented Islamist fighters in Syria's civil war.

Shi'ites overrun rival strongholds in north Yemen; 40 dead

A Yemeni tribesman.Shi'ite rebels have overrun strongholds of a rival Sunni tribal group in fighting that has killed at least 40 people in northern Yemen in the last two days, tribal sources said on Sunday.

Iraq says kills 57 Islamist militants in Sunni province

An Iraqi armoured personnel carrier.Iraqi troops and allied tribesmen killed 57 Islamist militants in Anbar province on Monday, the Defence Ministry said, in advance of a possible assault on the Sunni rebel-held city of Falluja.

Insight: After Syria, al Qaeda expanding in Lebanon

ISIL fighters try to calm residents of Alleppo over rebel infighting.Faced with recent setbacks in Iraq and Syria, al Qaeda is slowly but firmly gaining influence in Lebanon, helped by the country's increasing sectarian violence and the turmoil caused by Syria's civil war, sources close to the group say.

Suicide bombers storm Iraq ministry building, 24 killed

Aftermath of a terrorist bombing.Six suicide bombers burst into an Iraqi ministry building, took hostages and killed at least 24 people including themselves on Thursday before security forces regained control, security officials said.

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