Saturday, November 17, 2018
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Middle East

Gunmen storm government complex in Iraq's Samarra

Iraqi gunmen in Fallujah.Gunmen in military uniform broke into the city council and court house in Samarra in northern Iraq on Tuesday, holding the facility for four hours until police and army stormed the compound, the mayor and police officials said.

Powers to give Lebanon military, economic boost against Syria spillover

Lebanese tanks.France is preparing to seal a multi-billion-dollar plan to help modernize Lebanon's armed forces as part of international efforts to stabilize a country hard hit by spillover from Syria's civil war next door.

Syrian doctors struggle to care for mentally ill and traumatized

Blood on a Syrian hospital floor.It was cold and dark in the psychiatrist's office in downtown Damascus. The electricity had just gone out, a regular occurrence these days in the Syrian capital, and he wore a jacket and scarf for warmth.

World powers responsible for failing to stop Syria war crimes

A Syrian tank.All sides in Syria's civil war are using shelling and siege tactics to punish civilians and big powers bear responsibility for allowing such war crimes to persist, U.N. human rights investigators said on Wednesday.

Life and a death sentence in rebel-held Damascus

Bomb damaged buildings in Syria.One day last November, armed rebels woke Hind and her family at six in the morning and ordered them to march.

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