Saturday, November 17, 2018
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Middle East

Al Qaeda hijacks spirit of Syria revolt three years on

A Free Syrian Army fighter at his lookout post.Syrian refugees in this border outpost were delighted to hear their home town of Azaz had been liberated - not from Bashar al-Assad's troops but from al Qaeda fighters who subjected them to a regime that included torture and public beheadings.

Syria among 'most dangerous places on Earth' for children

Syrian children.The number of children affected by the civil war in Syria has more than doubled over the past year, with hundreds of thousands of young Syrians trapped in besieged parts of the country, the United Nations Children's Fund said on Monday.

Israel sees future drone threat from Lebanon, Gaza

An unmanned aerial vehicle.Israel fears guerrillas in Lebanon and Gaza would deploy exploding drones against the Jewish state in a future war as well as their main rocket arsenals, the chief of Israeli air defense said on Monday.

At least 40 killed in Yemen as Houthi fighters near capital

An injured Yemeni.At least 40 people have been killed in three days of fighting between Shi'ite Muslim rebels and Sunni tribesmen, sources on both sides said on Sunday, as sectarian fighting that flared up in October in the north drew closer to the capital Sanaa.

Suicide bomber kills 45 in Iraqi city of Hilla

Cars burn after a bombing in Iraq.A suicide bomber driving a minibus packed with explosives killed at least 45 people and wounded 157 on Sunday in the southern Iraqi city of Hilla, police and medical sources said.

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