Wednesday, January 18, 2017
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Middle East

France eyes Middle East influence, image with Syria gamble

altPresident Francois Hollande's decision to recognise Syria's new opposition bloc aims to secure long-term French interests in the region and boost his foreign policy image but, with few allies following suit, Paris may risk isolation.

In Middle East, relief not euphoria at Obama win

altA tweet from one of Saudi Arabia's most influential clerics summed up the Middle East's response to Barack Obama's re-election:

Iran nuclear fuel move may ease war fears - for now

altA slowdown in Iran's accumulation of its most sensitive nuclear material may have helped put off the threat of a new Middle East war for now, but Tehran's expanding uranium-enrichment capacity suggests any relief could be short-lived.

Cameron seeks arms deals, says supports Arab Spring

altBritish Prime Minister David Cameron sought to balance concern over human rights in Gulf Arab states with winning lucrative arms deals for Britain as he started a tour of the region.

Islamist militants kill two Saudi border guards

altAl Qaeda-associated militants who had been released from Saudi prisons killed two Saudi border guards while trying to cross into Yemen early before being captured, the kingdom's interior ministry said.

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