Friday, December 02, 2016
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Middle East

Sunni tribesmen demand federalism in Iraq

Sunnis want federalism in IraqAs mortar bombs land ever closer, Sunni tribal fighters preparing to attack Islamic State seemed more preoccupied by the failures of Iraq's political class than the militants trying to kill them.

Jailed Islamic State suspects recall path to jihad in Iraq

An Islamic State fighter in Iraq.When Kurdish forces began firing rockets at a suspected Islamic State hideout in northern Iraq, one of those inside, former bakery worker Walid Ismail, said he tried to persuade the others to surrender.

Iraqi forces say 1,000 Islamic State fighters killed in Mosul

Iraqi forces.Iraqi special forces battling to clear Islamic State from eastern Mosul have killed nearly 1,000 militants but fighting has slowed as troops face a mobile enemy hidden among thousands of civilians in the city, a top commander said.

Iraq could split if Shi'ite militias enter Mosul

Battle damage in Mosul.Iraq is at risk of partition and the worst sectarian bloodletting since the 2003 U.S.-led invasion if Shi'ite paramilitary units get involved in the fight against Islamic State for Mosul, a senior Sunni Iraqi politician said on Monday.

Under U.S. plan, Afghans may get Black Hawks to replace Russian aircraft

A Black Hawk helicopter.The U.S. military wants to replace Afghanistan's well-worn fleet of Russian helicopters with American-made aircraft, according to a new budget proposal, a decision aimed at reducing the Afghan air force's decades-long reliance on Russian equipment.

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