Tuesday, July 28, 2015
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Middle East

Turkey, U.S. aim for zone cleared of Islamic State in northern Syria

A Turkish F-16.Turkey and the United States are working on plans to provide air cover for Syrian rebels and jointly sweep Islamic State fighters from a strip of land along the Turkish border, bolstering the NATO member's security and possibly providing a safe haven for civilians.

Houthis, Saudi-led forces battle for Yemen's biggest air base

Armed Houthi fighters.Yemeni forces allied with a Saudi-led coalition fought Houthi militia for control of the country's largest air base north of Aden on Sunday, hours before a humanitarian truce declared by the coalition was meant to start, residents said.

Turkey approves U.S.-led coalition's use of air bases against Islamic State

The Turkish flag.Turkey has approved the use of its air bases by U.S. and coalition aircraft in the fight against Islamic State, the Foreign Ministry said on Friday, marking a major change in policy after a suicide bombing by the militants this week.

Turkey stages first air strikes on Islamic State in Syria

An F-16.Turkish warplanes pounded Islamic State targets in Syria for the first time on Friday, with President Tayyip Erdogan promising more decisive action against both the jihadists and Kurdish militants.

Iraqis launch offensive near Anbar base as blasts kill 32

Iraqi T-72s.Iraqi security forces and Sunni tribal fighters launched an offensive on Tuesday to dislodge Islamic State militants and secure a supply route in Anbar province, police and tribal sources said.

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