Thursday, April 24, 2014
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Middle East

Syria’s chemical weapons wild card: chlorine gas

Claims chlorine gas used as a weapon in SyriaChlorine gas attacks in Syria this month, if proven, expose a major loophole in an international deal to remove chemical weapons from the war-torn country and suggest chemical warfare could persist after the removal operation has finished.

Yemen's al Qaeda leader vows to attack America in new video

A poster of Osama bin Laden.The leader of al Qaeda's wing in Yemen has vowed to attack the United States, in a video apparently showing a gathering of the group celebrating a mass jailbreak of fighters.

Rebel videos show first U.S.-made rockets in Syria

Syrian rebels with RPGs.Online videos show Syrian rebels using what appear to be U.S. anti-tank rockets, weapons experts say, the first significant American-built armaments in the country's civil war.

Syria's Assad says war turning in his favour

Syrian president Bashar al Assad.President Bashar al-Assad said on Sunday that Syria's three-year conflict was at a "turning point" due to his forces' military gains against rebels, state media said.

Warily, Lebanon tackles violent spillover from Syria

Lebanese tanks.For two weeks now, the rifles have been silent along Syria Street in Lebanon's Tripoli, an area shot up so often that even memorial posters of men killed just a few months ago are speckled with bullet holes.

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