Saturday, May 30, 2015
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Middle East

Fighters battle Houthis in Yemen's southern city of Aden

Anti-Houthi fighters in Yemen.Heavy fighting erupted in southern Yemen near Aden airport on Friday when a Sunni Muslim militia attacked Shi'ite Houthi rebels in a push to drive Houthis from the district, residents and fighters said.

Islamic State settles into Ramadi, but the lull unlikely to last

An Iraqi tank heads towards Ramadi.The blind man with just one hand arrived at the main mosque in the centre of the Iraqi city of Ramadi at dusk on Wednesday, flanked by Islamic State fighters.

Saudi forces and Yemen's Houthis trade heavy fire, border crossing hit

Wreckage of a Saudi F-15 in Yemen.Saudi forces and Yemen's Houthi militia traded heavy artillery fire which destroyed part of the main border crossing between the two countries overnight, residents said on Sunday, an escalation of the two-month war.

Insight - Islamic State expands its 'state'

Iraqi forces fire a mortar at Islamic State positions.Almost a year after Islamic State's shock capture of Mosul, Iraq's second city, the black flags of the jihadis have been raised over Ramadi, the capital of Anbar province to the west of Baghdad, seat of Iraq’s increasingly theoretical central government.

Saudi citizen killed in rocket attack launched from Yemen

Saudi artillery.A cross border rocket attack launched from inside Yemen killed one Saudi citizen and wounded two others on Thursday in the southern province of Dhahran, Saudi Arabia's state news agency (SPA) reported.

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