Monday, June 26, 2017
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Middle East

Rebels say Syrian army, Iranian-backed militias launch offensive in eastern desert

Syrian rebels.Western-backed Syrian rebels holding a strategic swathe of the desert southeast stretching to the Iraqi border said they came under major attack from government forces and allied Iranian-backed militias backed by Russian air power.


Shock and anger in Mosul after Islamic State destroys historic mosque

A minaret of the Grand Mosque in Mosul."When I looked out of the window and saw the minaret was no longer there, I felt a part of me had died." For Ahmed Saied, a 54-year-old Iraqi schoolteacher, and many others Mosul can never be the same after Islamic State militants blew up up the leaning minaret that had graced his city for nearly 850 years.


U.S. will take weapons from Kurds after Islamic State defeat - Turkey

Kurdish fighters.The United States has told Turkey it will take back weapons supplied to the Kurdish YPG militia in northern Syria after the defeat of Islamic State, Ankara said on Thursday, seeking to address Turkish concerns about arming Kurds on its border.


Iraqi forces advance on Mosul mosque where IS declared caliphate

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.U.S.-backed Iraqi forces on Wednesday began a push towards the mosque in Mosul where Islamic State declared a self-styled caliphate three years ago, military officials said.


Syrians fear new Raqqa turmoil once Islamic State is defeated

altU.S.-backed forces are closing in on Islamic State in Raqqa, but local Syrians who have escaped the battlefield are worried about what comes after the fight.


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