Monday, November 24, 2014
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Middle East

Gunmen driven out, but bullet-scarred Lebanese city still boils

A Lebanese APC.So many bullet holes cover the apartment blocks and shops in the Bab al-Tabbeneh district of northern Lebanon's main city Tripoli that you can hardly tell which conflict they are from any more.

Germany and Italy to keep up to 1,350 soldiers in Afghanistan

A German Fuchs APC.Germany and Italy plan to keep a total of up to 1,350 soldiers in Afghanistan in 2015 to help train local armed forces, their defence ministries said on Tuesday, a slightly larger contingent than had been previously expected.

Riyadh fears Islamic State wants sectarian war in Saudi Arabia

Islamic State fighters.Tighter security in Saudi Arabia has made it hard for Islamic State to target the government so the militants are instead trying to incite a sectarian conflict via attacks on the Shi'ite Muslim minority, the Saudi Interior Ministry said.

Islamic State killed 1,432 Syrians outside battle since June

Islamic State fighters.The militant Islamic State group has killed 1,432 Syrians off the battlefield since the end of June when it declared a caliphate in the territory under its control, a group monitoring the war said on Monday.

Egypt militant group posts video of attack on army checkpoint

altEgypt's most dangerous militant group on Friday posted its first video message since pledging allegiance to Islamic State, with footage purporting to show that the group was behind one of the most deadly attacks on Egyptian security forces in years.

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