Saturday, October 21, 2017
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Middle East

Kurds abandon territory in the face of Iraq government advance

An Iraqi M1 Abrams tank.The Baghdad government recaptured territory from Kurds across the breadth of northern Iraq on Tuesday, making startlingly rapid gains in a sudden campaign that has shifted the balance of power in the country almost overnight.


Islamic State defeated in its Syrian capital Raqqa

Syrian Democratic Forces fighters in Raqqa.U.S.-backed militias in Syria declared victory over Islamic State in its capital Raqqa on Tuesday, raising flags over the last jihadist footholds after a four-month battle.


Iraqi forces size Kirkuk in bold advance

Iraqi forces take KirkukIraqi government forces captured the major Kurdish-held city Kirkuk, responding to a Kurdish referendum on independence with a lightning strike that transforms the balance of power in the country.

Iraq says captures positions south of Kirkuk including airbase

Iraqi military forces advancing on Kirkuk.Iraqi forces captured several positions south of Kirkuk from Kurdish fighters on Monday in their bid to regain control of the oil-rich city, which is part of a region that declared itself independent at a referendum last month.


Thousands of troops sent to Kirkuk to face 'Iraqi threat'

Kurdish forces.Kurdish authorities have sent thousands more troops to the oil region of Kirkuk to confront “threats” from Iraq’s central government, the vice president of the autonomous Kurdistan region said on Friday.


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