Saturday, September 05, 2015
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Middle East

Dutch sergeant joins Islamic State in first such desertion

An Islamic State insurgent.A 26-year-old Dutch air force sergeant is believed to have travelled to Syria to join Islamic State insurgents, the Netherlands' defence ministry said on Thursday.

Western-backed Syrian rebels say kill foreign Islamic State fighters in undercover strike

Libyan rebels.A group of Western-backed Syrian insurgents said on Tuesday they had killed three foreign fighters -- two Saudis and a Tunisian -- with the Islamic State group in an undercover raid into an area under the control of the ultra-radical militants.

Turkish jets join U.S.-led coalition strikes on Islamic State

A Turkish F-16.Turkish jets took part in U.S.-led coalition air strikes against Islamic State in Syria for the first time on Friday, the Turkish Foreign Ministry said.

Islamic State takes new ground near Turkish border

Islamic State fighters.Islamic State has seized new territory from Syrian rebels in northern Syria, advancing in an area where Turkey and the United States are planning to open a new front against the group.

Kurds take ten villages from Islamic State in north Iraq

Kurdish fighters.Kurdish forces backed by U.S.-led coalition airstrikes drove Islamic State militants out of 10 villages in Iraq's Kirkuk province on Wednesday in an offensive to secure their territory to the north, Kurdish military sources said.

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