Sunday, May 01, 2016
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Middle East

Islamic State turns to selling fish, cars to offset oil losses - report

Islamic State fighters. Islamic State earns millions of dollars a month running car dealerships and fish farms in Iraq, making up for lower oil income after its battlefield losses, Iraqi judicial authorities said on Thursday.

U.S. military softens claims on drop in Islamic State's foreign fighters

An Islamic State fighter.The U.S. military on Thursday retreated from a top general's claim this week that the number of foreign fighters joining Islamic State in Iraq and Syria has plummeted by as much as 90 percent.

Fewer foreign fighters joining Islamic State - Pentagon

Islamic State fighters in Iraq.The number of foreign fighters joining the Islamic State militant group in Iraq and Syria has decreased sharply in the past year to about 200 a month, a U.S. military official said on Tuesday.

Yemeni forces seize main oil terminal from al Qaeda

A bomb-damaged building in Yemen.Yemeni government forces and their Emirati allies took back control of the country's largest oil export terminal from al Qaeda on Monday, security officials said, a day after routing the militants from their nearby stronghold.

Yemen sides appoint ceasefire observers as army fights al Qaeda

A Yemeni soldier.Yemen's government forces battled al Qaeda in the country's south on Saturday, aiming to push back advances the militant group has made during a year-long civil war while peace talks take place in Kuwait.

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