Sunday, April 22, 2018
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Civil Aviation

EU agrees registration rules for drones, downloads of flight recordings

Drone owners may have to register their aircraft in Europe.Drone owners in Europe will have to register their devices if “dangerous” and aircraft makers ensure that black box recordings can be downloaded in real-time if a plane is in distress under a sweeping reform of Europe’s aviation safety agency.


CemAir orders two Q400s

A Bombardier Q400.CemAir has ordered two Q400 turboprops from Bombardier, and also signed a lease agreement for a used Q400.


Airlink and Safair seeking to merge

An SA Airlink aircraft on St Helena.SA Airlink and Safair are seeking to merge and will on Tuesday apply to South Africa’s Competition Commission for approval to unite under the common umbrella of the Airlink group of companies.

Morocco continues to expand its aviation industry

Morocco is expanding its aviation industry.At the start of the century, Morocco launched an ambitious programme to become a major aerospace industry manufacturing hub.


Jetmakers end Dubai rollercoaster with big orders pending

The Dubai airshow.It started with a deal that never was and ended with the mother of all air show announcements - this week’s Dubai Airshow saw little in the way of firm new business, but reminded observers the rivalry between two global giants is as fierce as ever.


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