Thursday, May 25, 2017
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Civil Aviation

Drone industry tipped for job creation

A Super Bat drone.The drone industry has the potential to address South Africa's lack of skills and create around 1 000 commercial job opportunities in a variety of sectors.

Nigeria re-opens Abuja airport

Abuja airport re-opensNigeria reopened the capital's airport in Abuja on Tuesday, officials said, following a six-week closure for runway repairs that disrupted international air traffic to the country.

Printed titanium parts expected to save millions in Boeing Dreamliner costs

A Boeing Dreamliner.Boeing Co hired Norsk Titanium AS to print the first structural titanium parts for its 787 Dreamliner, a shift that the Norwegian 3-D printing company said would eventually shave $2 million to $3 million off the cost of each plane.


Honda faces long haul to recoup jet costs

Two HondaJets.After three decades building an airplane from scratch, Michimasa Fujino, 56, chief engineer of the Hondajet, might have to reach a ripe old age to see Honda Motor Co's pet aviation project recoup its development costs.

Fatal aviation accidents rise in 2016 according to IATA report

An aircraft crash site.The number of air accidents declined further in 2016, but more of them resulted in fatalities than in the previous year, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) said on Friday. Africa was amongst the safest region in terms of jet hull losses.


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