Wednesday, January 16, 2019
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Factbox: Airbus and Boeing aircraft deals at Farnborough Airshow

A A380 flies past a Boeing flag.Following is a summary of commercial aircraft deals announced by Airbus and Boeing at the Farnborough Airshow in southern England.


In U.S. prisons, tablets open window to the outside world

A prisoner in the US uses a tablet.Marvin Worthy, confined to a New Jersey state prison since 2004, cannot watch his son play basketball or visit him in college. But for the past three years, a tablet computer has kept their relationship alive.

Britain unveils fighter jet model to rival Franco-German program

The new UK stealth fighter model.Britain unveiled a model of a sleek proposed fighter jet named Tempest on Monday, raising questions about the future of European defense cooperation, given that Germany and France launched their own fighter jet program a year ago.

U.S. arms makers praise new U.S. weapons export policy

An M4A1 firing.U.S. arms makers attending the Farnborough Airshow in Britain on Monday lauded the U.S. government’s push to sell more weapons overseas and said they expected European defense spending to increase in the coming years.


Turkey signs deal with Pakistan on sale of 30 attack helicopters

A T129 helicopter.Turkey and Pakistan have signed an agreement on the sale of 30 Turkish T129 attack helicopters in what will be the biggest export deal of the Turkish defence industry, the country’s defence industry directorate said on Friday.


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