Tuesday, October 17, 2017
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International News

North Korea hacking increasingly focussed on making money more than espionage

A North Korean military parade.North Korea is behind an increasingly orchestrated effort at hacking into computers of financial institutions in South Korea and around the world to steal cash for the impoverished country, a South Korean state-backed agency said in a report.


Trump ban on transgender service members alarms some military officers

US soldiers.U.S. President Donald Trump's sudden decision to ban transgender personnel from serving in the military has alarmed some senior military officers who were caught off guard by it.


Embraer KC-390 concludes world demo tour

An Embraer KC-390.Embraer’s KC-390 transport jet has concluded a 40-day demonstration tour during which it flew over 19 countries and was presented to nine nations in Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania.


Trump is new breed of 'authoritarian populist' - rights watchdog

Donald Trump.Donald Trump is one of a new breed of leaders around the world who seek to use their democratic mandate to undermine the rule of law, the head of a legal and human rights watchdog said on Wednesday.


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