Saturday, April 19, 2014
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International News

Three dead in east Ukraine, Putin warns of 'abyss'

Soldiers in Ukraine.Separatists attacked a base of the Ukrainian national guard overnight and Kiev said three separatists were killed, the worst bloodshed yet in a 10-day pro-Russian uprising in east Ukraine, overshadowing crisis talks to resolve the conflict.

Search for Malaysia Airlines jet refocuses on drone scans of seafloor

A Bluefin-21 underwater vehicle used to hunt for MH370 wreckage.A deep-sea drone completed its much-anticipated first full scan of the seabed in the remote Indian Ocean, the team looking for a missing Malaysian jetliner said on Thursday, as an air and surface search became less likely to yield results.

An-70 passes Ukraine state trials

An Antonov An-70 cargo aircraft.Antonov has announced that its An-70 airlifter has completed its user trials, carried out jointly by the company and the Ukraine Ministry of Defence’s State Scientific and Test Centre (SSTC), and that the aircraft is ready for production.

Undersea drone hunt for Malaysian plane may take two months

A flight data recorder.A U.S. Navy underwater drone sent to search for a missing Malaysian jetliner on the floor of the Indian Ocean could take up to two months to scour a 600 sq km area where the plane is believed to have sunk, U.S. search authorities said on Tuesday.

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