Saturday, May 28, 2016
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International News

Diamond DART-450 trainer completes first flight

The Diamond DART-450.The Diamond Aircraft Reconnaissance Trainer (DART-450) performed its first flight on 17 May, Diamond Aircraft has announced.

Saab unveils Gripen E

The Gripen E.On 18 May Sweden's Saab expressed optimism about fighter exports to nations including India as it unveiled a new version of its Gripen combat jet being developed for Sweden and Brazil.

Poland MoD launches twonew aircraft projects

An  ATR 42MP.The Polish Ministry of Defense has initiated two projects involving acquisitions of aircraft for the country's armed forces.

Defence firms could struggle to meet jump in NATO demand - Saab CEO

Saab sees NATO demand for military hardware increasing.Pressure from the United States on NATO allies to increase their defence spending could strain the capacity of the arms industry to keep up with demand, the head of Swedish fighter jet and submarine builder Saab said.

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