Saturday, October 21, 2017
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SA Defence

SANDF Prestige Week

SANDF Prestige WeekNext week is SA National Defence Force (SANDF) Prestige Week the fifth of its kind where enhancing social cohesion is the major aim.

Sexual abuse and exploitation guidance integral to SANDF training

Sexual abuse training in the SANDFSEA (sexual exploitation and abuse) guidance ahead of and during all SA National Defence Force (SANDF) deployments, internally and continentally, is an integral component of training.


SA Military Ombud to host 10th international ombud conference

General Matanzima.South Africa will be the first country in Africa to host the 10th International Conference of Ombud Institutions for the Armed Forces (ICOAF), which will take place from 30 September to October 2018.


Funding needed for Defence Review implementation

An Oryx picking up soldiers.The South African Department of Defence (DoD) is still pushing to fully implement the 2015 Defence Review, but points out that additional funding is necessary to achieve Milestone 1, arresting the decline of the South African National Defence Force (SANDF). To address this, it is developing a Defence Funding Model.


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