Friday, February 23, 2018
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Maritime Security

Greek-operated tanker goes missing in Gulf of Guinea

altThe Greek manager of a Bahamas-flagged tanker carrying more than 32,000 metric tonnes of gasoline reported the vessel missing after it left Abidjan in the Ivory Coast unexpectedly in the early hours of Saturday.

West Africa pirates adapt after Nigeria crackdown

altNigerian pirate gangs are moving into the waters of neighbouring countries and attacking vessels further offshore after being driven from their coastal haunts by a military crackdown.

Argentine naval ship detained in Ghana by bondholders

altAn Argentine navy ship has been detained in Ghana following a court order sought by "holdout" creditors suing Argentina in international courts over its 2002 debt default, said officials.

Column: The shambles that is maritime security

altAs the entire maritime industry, governments and international bodies continue chasing their own tails (with the inevitable consequence), perhaps now is a good time to take stock of the shambles that has become what is laughingly called “Maritime Security”.

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